Where was Read and White?

Where is it?

The folks at the Boston City Archives ask: When and where was this photo taken? See it larger.



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    Church Green

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    It's Church Green, where Bedford , Lincoln and Summer Streets meet. This photo is looking from High St. I would say it's in the 70's sometime.


    I was gonna say, that JPC block on the building is still there.

    By 101 Summer Street

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    On Summer Street, at the intersection of High Street, looking towards Jordan Marsh (to put it in the term of the day.)

    I'm not in the area that much, but that building stands out to me.

    Definitely Summer Street

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    But I'm not sure when. The old Blue Sands can be clearly seen. How far back did that place go? I remember it from the 70s and 80s. This photo looks like it is before that.

    High and Summer - 1982 or 1983

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    Interesting note. The company that rebuilt what is now 125 Summer on the left was Jaymont Proeprty Company. They kept the JPC on the facades which they saved when building the mid-rise that is there now.

    Church Green got rebuilt before 125 Summer, which was done in 1986 or 1987.

    Must be a few years later

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    This photo has those funny streetlights with glass spheres on concrete posts, unlike the post referred to by Allstonian, which still has the old-fashioned "acorn" and "cobra head" streetlights. Also the Fanny Farmer candy shop in the older post has been replaced by Connie's Corner Deli.

    Darn - I was a block off

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    Saw the Kingston Barber shop and the intersection and figured Essex and kingston. I like the sign to Government Center and Upper Washington Street on the right. Guessing you can't get there from here any more!

    Late 70s

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    I'm guessing late 70s because Mikes (which was awesome) moved around the corner onto Chauncy in the early 80s.

    The pickup truck

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    is a Ford F-series. That grill dates from '73 to '77.

    Yes, it's the same outfit.

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    Yes, it's the same outfit. They closed the Boston store about 10 years ago, it turned into a poor location for a Tux shop.