Where's Whitey?

UPDATE: Sheesh, whatever happened to the days when you could trust stuff you read online? The Herald's O'Ryan Johnson tweets neither mobster nor moll is in transit anywhere - due to a computer glitch at the Bureau of Prisons, they've been marked as "in transit" since June.

Jack Gately checks Whitey Bulger's prison record and discovers that, like Sal DiMasi yesterday, he's also "in transit" (DiMasi is spending the night in Brooklyn). Chuck Turner, however, continues to bunk in West Virginia, while Dianne Wilkerson remains ensconced in Stamford.



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    O'Ryan Johnson is wrong. I

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    O'Ryan Johnson is wrong. I have checked in the past and Whitey was in Plymouth and Cathy in Rhode Island.

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    BOP website

    Curious, that in this day and age a simple database issue cannot be easily corrected unless you are convicted?

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    That Bureau of Prisons website....

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    Gonna see a lot more traffic soon. If DiMasi is on his way back to testify about ongoing investigation into the Department of Corrections uber-hackery, the over/under is ten legislators going to Club Fed.

    And one Mattapan-based talk show host.

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