Whoa, has Five-Star-Day Guy switched from Red Line to Orange?

Seth Simonds reports hearing the following announcement on the Orange Line this morning:

Please step on the train. Teamwork makes the dream work. Thanks for riding the Orange Line.

Hmm, you think maybe the Orange Line got him in a trade for Angry Screaming Driver?



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The highs and lows of riding the T

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I love the guy's enthusiasm.

All enthusiasm then drained right out of me again when I realized that he is also exactly right - it is merely a dream to regularly get to and from work around here on a public conveyance in a reasonable amount of time, with reasonable certainty, and in reasonable comfort.

Oh, well. Tomorrow's going to be a better day.

It was nice

I heard this guy on the train either Monday or Tuesday morning, although I thought he was saying, “Teamwork makes the train work.” Maybe he says both? Either way, it made a nice start to my morning. I’d much rather hear that than anything coming out of Angry Screaming Driver.

It's definitely teamwork

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It's definitely teamwork makes the dreamwork and as a Red Line rider my commute has been magnitudes worse without 5 star guy. He should record all the T announcements.