Who'da thunk it: South Boston to get a Starbucks before Jamaica Plain

The Boston Licensing Board today granted a food-serving license to a Starbucks proposed for 11 West Broadway in South Boston, with hours of 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

In other Southie dining news, the board also approved a license for Al's Pizza and Grill at 402 West Broadway.



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Since they tore down the old

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Since they tore down the old Notre Dame Convent and put up that boring, ugly apartment building that stretch of W. Broadway is just deadly nothing-no-where so may as well put a Starbucks there as anything else.

Anybody know if they've filled that horrible big building with gullible occupants?

Yes. It's filled. You would

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Yes. It's filled. You would have to be part of the South Boston Yuppie circle to know that since that building (like all other things in South Boston) caters to yuppies.

More gentrification please!!!!

- The Original South Boston Yuppie

For now...

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I will be very surprised if Starbucks doesn't come to the cafe space in the new development across the street from the Green St. T station, or to the Forest Hills development. As a JPer, I dread the day Starbucks announces it's coming - not because I even care so much about Starbucks but because of the outcry. (If you thought the Whole Foods debacle was bad...)


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I think of lot of people think

that Starbucks will probably move into the Bartlett Square complex (across the street from Green Street Station). Canto 6 probably can't afford to move there, but it would be better for business.

The next bigger-company establishment to come to JP should be a Trader Joe's!!

not my favorite, but

If it's remotely possible to mention WF/HiLo without a food fight starting, when that debacle was occuring my own 'druthers, in descending order, was
1) Lamberts, like the one in Dot. Cheap, and lots of different nationalities accomodated
2) Market Basket, for decent cheap prices
3) Roche Bros, 'cause if we were going w/ pricy chi-chi food I'd rather it be locally owned, and their produce rocks, then
4)Trader Joe's, because if we have to have another non-local chain at least TJs has an interesting variety & is affordable

Yeah, I had been holding out

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Yeah, I had been holding out hope for a while that Canto 6 would move in there, but that space has been for lease for such a long time that I think they would have announced it by now.


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Do we know what the story is with that building? The "for lease" sign has been up for a year, but it doesn't look like they've finished construction inside yet, and the residential space doesn't appear to be occupied. I'd like to see businesses (any businesses!) move in to the ground floor, but the place is still unused.

Not sure

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I think most, if not all, of the residential units have been sold, and one of the retail spaces is going to be occupied by Boston Pilates.

Technically South Boston has

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Technically South Boston has had a Starbucks for a while. Attached to the Waterfront Weston/Convention Center on Summer Street..

That's not Southie

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until something bad happens there.

Or unless there is something

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Or unless there is something in it for the neighborhood. I remember being at a community meeting about the development of the Convention Center and people were debating the boundaries of South Boston (and where exactly the South Boston Waterfront started/ended). One long time resident stood up and said South Boston ended in the middle of Boston Harbor, halfway to the airport.


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One in the Seaport Hotel and in the Manual Life bldg

Obligatory Starbucks sux comment

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I'll be interested to see how it does right across the street from the Broadway T Station. There might be an interesting mix in there - people coming out of their class at South Boston Yoga and people trying to bum cigarettes because no one would give them one at the bus station across the street.

I love Cafe Arpeggio - a few blocks down from where the new Starbucks is going. Hopefully, those of us who go there will be smart enough to keep going there instead of going to Starbucks instead.

Not even across the street?

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I was under the impression it is going into the same building that is under construction now, adjacent to the T stop.

But it may go into what was very recently a Dunks, so at least thats an upgrade.

My geography could very well be wrong

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When I looked up 11 Broadway it pointed me at Teriyaki House. I'm one of those Bostonians who knows how to get where I need to go but can't quite explain to you how to get there.

If it is on the same side of the street as the T station, lawd help it!


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Don't forget Chelsea got a starbucks before JP AND South Boston. Who knew Chelsea was so chick.

(okay fine its in the Market Basket Mall.. but its still technically in Chelsea..)


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It's chic. Chick is a baby bird.

Great news! I don't even

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Great news!

I don't even like Starbucks Coffee but I will go here a few times a week because I support all businesses that yuppies enjoy.

-The Orginal South Boston Yuppie