Why is this Crumbs cupcake place different from all other Crumbs cupcake places?

Observant Jews who might be jonesing for some serious cupcake action after Passover will have to avoid the new Crumbs on Federal Street - it's the only Crumbs that isn't kosher.



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Sorry, didn't know. In any case, somebody on the Jewish Boston list wrote Crumbs and got back the following from a customer-service rep:

Thank you so much for emailing CRUMBS. All of our products and bakeries are certified Kosher, except for our Boston, MD [sic] location. It was a company-wide decision not to certify this location. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to see you in any of our other locations soon. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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I'd guess it's due to high

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I'd guess it's due to high cost and low demand for kosher certification.

Crumbs-Boston-Kosher certificate

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I have been working on Federal Street for several weeks, and yesterday I happened to notice what appeared to be a Kashrut certificate in the Crumbs window. Today I took a good look, and it is. Then I checked online and saw that there seemed to be a bit of controversy.

I think the web discussion dated (hope so at any rate). Crumbs is indeed sporting a Kashrut certificate, issued out of New York, and dated April 16--right after Pesah. It is good until 2014.

I'm going to write to Crumbs and ask for a comment.