Why there's plenty of blame for yesterday's Brigham Circle derailment

Boston to a T considers yesterday's Brigham Circle trolley-vs-trolley incident.



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Shouldn't there be some sort of light ?

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Shouldn't there be some sort of light that indicates what the position of the switch is as the trolley is approaching it? The light changes whenever the switch position is changed to indicate the current position of the switch. Seems like a standard part of safety when running a train line. How can the MBTA not have such a light in place?

Ah yes

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Boston to a T, one of these s00per l33t bloggers who think they know how the MBTA runs. Give me a break

Did not know

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That Mr. Shaughnessy works for the T now too.

Knows more than you

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I bet that the guy who runs Boston to a T knows a heck of a lot more than you do about how the MBTA functions. Although there are some flaws on that blog it is still a very useful resource for MBTA happenings. I think that it is a nice difference to see someone take a different take on what the media is covering.

If you don't have anything nice to say

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You know, if you don't have anything nice to say - don't say it at all.

This is an article about the causes of yesterday's Green Line collision and a quick look at what part the Inspector and the Operator had in causing the collision.

The best thing about the "Boston To A T" blog is that it chronicles not only news at the MBTA but also the journey of two Suffolk students, who happen to have an interest in transit, in their learning about the history of the T.

I don't believe Dan or Aaron (the authors of the blog) have ever claimed they know more about transit or transportation politics than anyone else. In fact, I don't believe in all my years as a transportation advocate and enthusiast in Boston have I ever come across two guys with less of a "holier than thou" attitude in regards to their transportation knowledge. They're eager to learn, but are even more eager to contribute to the dialogue surrounding Boston, local politics, and the MBTA.

Best thing about these two guys, and their blog, if you have a topic you'd like to write about - they'll accept a guest post!!! So anyone who claims to know "more about the T" or has a point of view they'd like expressed send your proposal for an article to the guys at "Boston to a T".

I've been so happy to work with the authors of the blog and consider them friends of mine.

Its easy to sit at home and be critical of other people's work. It's admirable to get off your lazy butt and try to contribute to things.

Brigham Circle MBTA "safety" Inspector

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How about looking into the jobs program that is the Brigham Circle stationed "safety" Inspector who appears to do no work except to jeopardize public safety. I live down the street and pass by this person several times a day. They seem to do nothing except block the bus stop by parking in it or fall asleep in their little booth or sit in thier vehicle surfing the web.In the attached photo showing a MBTA bus smoking 100 feet from the booth...the Inspector only came out of the booth after I woke him by pounding on the door for a couple of minutes..this him in the photo wearing the orange vest.. It is insane..if they know they are being watched they take out a clipboard and pretend to write stuff down and say hello to the trolley operators but do nothing else their entire shift or sometimes they hide in the shack and cover the windows..they even put up window shades last year for a while.. These people make good salaries but this posting seems to be some type of reward for long service. The only task of theirs i can see is to switch the tracks when a trolley is taken out of service..which appears to happen a couple of times a month and takes 30 seconds...and they need a person here making 80 grand a year 14 hours a day,365??