THAT Will LaTulippe?


Got it

Okay, I searched UH for "LaTulippe". Got it. How many Will LaTulippes can there be, unless it is a pseudonym from some obscure work of fiction I don't recognize.

Of course it's that Will LaTulippe

He mentions his job in every other posting, how could anybody miss that? Anyway, I'm not surprised that the numbers are down with the format switch. Will might have talent, but if the game isn't as good, the talent matters a lot less.

Stump for the win!

Serious Question, Will

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Are you related to Don LaTullippe, the old-time DJ/radio personality? I ask because My Mom and her sister used to do a show with him on WJDA back in the mid-to-late 40's, and maybe it's possible we've met before at some function or another Don was attending.


As I said, I can't quantify

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As I said, I can't quantify it. I find the questions better, the scoring better, the pacing better, and the music better.

Not in any way a personal attack on you, I'm sure you're great (are you the guy that used to be at Newtowne? He wasn't there last time I was).

Not at Newtowne

White Horse Tavern and Harry's Bar and Grill.

Stump's questions have become thoughtless and pedestrian, as I believe only one writer creates all their material now that I've left. And I don't even know who the writer is. For a creative enterprise, there's little to no fostering of creativity by management.

Their scoring rules are compelling, and the pace of the game has its strengths and its weaknesses. One question, one song works on busy nights when the host needs the time to facilitate the scoring anyway. One question, one song is dull and plodding at slower events with, say, five teams, when everybody has a gimme answer in 30 seconds.

Music is selected by individual presenters and is not mandated at any upper level at either company. Some hosts have a sense of what works, some are blithering idiots.

I think this is a difference

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I think this is a difference in what we're looking for at trivia nights. I don't go to pub trivia to answer questions: I go to have a great time with my friends. I WANT the pace to be fairly plodding, so I have time in between questions to talk, drink, eat, use the bathroom, whatever.

Trivia is a condiment, not the main dish, in other words.

As for music, the Newtowne guy's hint-music is really fantastic.

Geeks Who Drink format clock

We still accommodate your desire to talk to your friends. We take scoring breaks during the game. Most GWD QM's do three long breaks per game. I myself take a break after each of the seven rounds read on-mic, and all breaks are 1-2 songs. You can still get conversation in with your friends during the show.

I came off more combative

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I came off more combative than I should have with my first post, so I apologize for that.

I've played both formats, I'll continue to play both formats in the future when I'm crowded out of my preferred format, and I wish you luck in your switch. But...meh. Not really a GWD fan.


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Happy to hear that you like the "hint-music". I put an embarrassing amount of time into picking those. Come by again, it's still me - since 2008 and counting!

Haven't been to a Geeks Who Drink night

But my local hosts a weekly Stump night, and the music they blare is inevitably awful. Also, it attracts a crowd of contestants who always cheat using their smartphones. Who cheats at bar trivia to win a frickin' t-shirt? Kids these days!

That's part of the Geeks

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That's part of the Geeks design. We keep it moving, so by the time you have cheated we have already asked another question. At Stump you can go to the bathroom on every single question.