Woman charged with punching, kicking and strangling dog in South Station

Dolce the Yorkie. Photo by Transit Police.Dolce the Yorkie. Photo by Transit Police.

PradoMBTA Transit Police report arresting a Henderson, Nev., woman on animal-cruelty charges yesterday after witnesses reported she was pummeling a Yorkshire terrier in the woman's restroom at South Station.

Ana Prado was in town to answer a drug-trafficking charge in Suffolk Superior Court - she's the woman who allegedly left painkillers stuffed inside rubber gloves at the Logan Airport Hyatt when she checked out there on Sept. 14.

According to Transit Police, officers were alerted by a woman who'd just come out of the restroom in the commuter-rail section of the station:

The citizen stated the suspect, later identified as Ana Prado, 26 of Henderson, Nevada, suspended the dog in the air by its leash, essentially hanging the dog. Additionally, officers were notified, Prado punched the dog at least three times and also kicked the dog. A second witness coroborated the original witness statement. A female Transit Police officer entered the Women's restroom and escorted Prado outside where she was placed under arrest for Cruelty to Animals. Prado stated to the officers at the time of her arrest she was in Boston to attend Suffolk Superior Court for a charge of drug trafficking. Prado was transported to Transit Police HQ for booking and appeared in Boston Municipal Court the same day.

A city animal-control officer took possession of Dolce.

Innocent, etc.



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I hope they x-rayed the pup

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Got only knows what she force-fed the poor thing.

So was she going to bring

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her dog to her court date? They are animals, not accessories. Hope it finds a much better home.

I don't understand how

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I don't understand how someone can be so terrible to their pets! The poor dog deserves a much better home, where it doesn't need to be afraid of reprisal from such an terrible, abusive person.


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Prada and Dolce?

she's a drug mule

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She probably tipped the poor puppy over trying to remember where she hid her latest shipment of drugs. Between the bus terminal and train terminal there are more drugs ,guns, and counterfeit goods then a third world bazzar.


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talking about South Station not Mexico's Death Train, you should get out more!


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Gosh I hate these type of stories. There's really no excuse for this. Yorkie's can be little pests but can be the most loving dogs if kept right.

No need for this crap. Looks like she's not going back to Nevada anytime soon. I hope the ARL has taken the dog and will be put up for adoption to a good, lovin' home.

What's the big deal?

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One of those cases that should be punishable, but who cares? Something like that should not end up as news.

Focus on people...ie. why should people who use welfare be allowed to drive a car that is worth more than $20k?

Data Please

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How common is it that people on welfare have cars worth more than $20K?

I know that such an item would be a big problem for a person on social security disability, unless it were an ADA van.


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Section 8 - neighbors driving 30k car

Make a law so that they can't drive anything above $5k car!

$5K Car is probably unreliable

Unreliable transportation makes it hard to find a job.

Difficulty finding and holding a job keeps people on welfare.

Also, if you have several small kids, you need to use multiple car seats and that means you may need a bigger car or a minivan. Those are more than $5K.

Welfare should be a stopover. It should not be a permanent punishment for DARING to be too poor!

I agree with the OP. Re

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I agree with the OP.

Re comment below:

It should not be a permanent punishment for DARING to be too poor!

Welfare shouldn't be treated as a punishment but as an award contingent upon further requirements. Don't like it? Continue driving 20k car....

Don't get me wrong, I think

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Don't get me wrong, I think that mooching is wrong. However, what if they had a nice car before they fell on hard times? 5 years back I lost my job and still maintained my Mercedes payment because I had to. I couldn't trade it in because I'd be "upside down" and it would end up costing me in the end to get a more "affordable" car then to just maintain the one I had and hope I found a job soon. Luckily, I found a job! -Mea www.hertrainstories.blogspot.com

I'm with swirlly

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Data please.

This welfare bashing really has GOT to stop. Look, I'm not saying I don't see it. But you also don't FULLY understand someone's situation. If you lose your job and don't qualify for unemployment, you qualify for food stamps. Yes you may still have a 400 dollar cell phone and drive an expensive car.. both of which may disappear after a few payments are missed.

People also forget that adopted children, children with disabilities, and many other groups qualify for food stamps, regardless of income. Don't forget about that.

Its easy to throw stones at people when you don't understand the situation. It's like the whole drug test for welfare crap that people say. Ask Florida how that's working out for them. it is costing them MORE money to drug test people than it is to just continue giving them benefits. It may not be right, but the numbers speak for themselves. Amazingly enough less than 1% of all food stamp recipients in Florida tested positive for drugs.

So take your stupid argument and fold it in four corners and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. The point is moot. Pol's are ONLY giving into this because they are stupid and refuse to look at the REAL data because its a hot button issue, when rather, its a NON issue.

Yup it's the end of my day and I am on a tear....

Face reality my friend.

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Face reality my friend. There are givers and takers in this world. The givers are getting the short end of the stick! The welfare bashing isn't going to stop as long as there are people like myself who witness daily people pulling in to the local grocery store in a brand new car, walking out of the store with $400.00 worth of good food completely paid for with food stamps and then drive up to the top of the parking lot to the local liqour store and come out with another $400.00 worth of booze! I see it daily and it makes me want to puke! I work like a dog to put food on the table, drive a 12 year old car and pay my bills on time. There is no reason on God's green earth that I or anyone else should be paying to support this type of abuse. :-(

sarcasm & troll?

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I thought Danny's original post was a sarcastic comment ridiculing the welfare bashers as perspectiveless butt-nuggets and that the follow up anon post was so stereotypical that it had to be just a troll to keep up the righteous rise of the indignant.

Sheesh, this whole language and intent thing can be a real puzzler, let me tell you what.

Entirely possible

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Cruddy day, my troll sensor must have been overwhelmed. I tapped on the glass, sorry! (Sheepish grin)


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You MUST be terribly busy 'working like a dog' to have the time to follow these welfare leeches in and out of stores to tally their bills. And then to have the time to write such articulate comments on your local news website! PHEW -- I broke a sweat just thinking about it. Please tell us more, you poor dear.

Nothing makes my blood boil

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like seeing stories about people who are horrible to animals and children who are tiny and defenseless. Really? You're so tough strangling and punching a dog that looks like it weighs less than 10 lbs?

I'm with you, Nancy!

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As the owner of a 2.5 year old pet Congo African Grey Parrot who was born in captivity and purchased by me when she was still a little baby (2 months after she hatched), I, too, get disgusted and angry when I read or hear about such stories. It's beyond disgraceful that people can and do get away with abusing animals. Don't they realize that animals, too, have feelings? Obviously they do not, or they don't care.

Sad indeed. People like that belong in jail.

I heard an newspaper editor

I heard an newspaper editor from the Pacific Northwest on the radio some years ago. He was talking about a case in which a kitten had been abused. He said that the newsroom received many checks - some of a quite large sum - to care for the cat. Then he said that in cases in which a child was the victim, they got no such response.


We all write checks for abused kids all the time

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They are known as "taxes" and "social security" and our society uses them to pay for the care of kids who are in foster care or otherwise parentless due to abuse.

I'd be interested if you could google a bit and find a link to what you have heard. It may vary by area of the country or have been just that guy's office. My budies at the Atlanta Journal Constitution (who have seven(!)formerly stray cats in their household) have seen plenty of community support for child victims in the various cities they have worked in.

Well, then....

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I suppose the Globe Santa should only publish stories about down on their luck pets this year.

may as well...

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...Christ knows they won't report on WHY anyone is poor. Unless it's to tug on the heartstrings of the beautiful people who can then show up smiling in the Names & Faces section for the latest "Horrible Diseases of the Children" benefit gala at the convention center.

Now...getting back to that dog...

Come on, you're smarter than that

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Situations with children and families are much more complicated than those involving animals -- and I say this as someone who greatly values helping both.

If something happens to an animal, it's appropriate to send money to help with medical care and rehabilitation.

A child is more complex than an animal and will have more needs besides just getting their injuries patched up in terms of going to live somewhere else or stabilizing the existing situation. They have much more complex needs than a pet, and no one knows what all they need unless they know all the details, which aren't anyone else's business. It's not really appropriate or helpful for a kid in a difficult situation to receive random money that someone sent to a newsroom when they heard about an abuse case. Here, kid, here's $50 from a stranger -- feel better now? Your friend's newsroom didn't seen checks from people because people know that isn't appropriate so they sent them to the organizations that help kids recover from trauma.

Mr. Limbaugh?

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Rush, is that you? I bet you'd want them to film it so we could watch, too, you perv!

Who knew...

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...P.J. Harvey could be so mean to dogs?


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That makes my top five list of types of people I do not like.


Do I adopt little Dolce? After losing an old, beloved pet a few months ago, I'm actively looking for a new one. I'm calling animal control in the morning; surely they're open on Saturdays. Right?

Doesn't have to be Dolce

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If you go to your nearest animal shelter, nearly all of them have "meet and greet" hours where you can go meet any of the animals that are awaiting adoption, learn about them and their personalities and their stories, and maybe find one to adopt. For every poor abused animal that makes it into the newspapers, there are 100 more -- beautiful animals, many of them young and healthy without behavior problems, some even fancy purebreeds, on death row because their owners have given them up for one reason or another.