Woman experiences Filene's Basement flashback on a C trolley

How else to explain what Brookline Selectwoman Jesse Mermell saw on the train home today?

New MBTA experience: Woman across from me changing her whole outfit on the train, including stockings. I'm torn between being appalled & impressed. I didn't have room to tweet about the full body lotion application. It was intense. No towel. Not even close. And there was extensive lotion application.



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Uncouth behavior

People treat the T like it is their private bedroom. This is uncouth behavior. I continually see women applying full faces of makeup, for example. While I suppose there is nothing genuinely wrong with putting on full makeup on the T, it would just be classier to do it at home, in my opinion. And let's not even mention the people who cut their toenails on the T or at the stations, which I have seen.

To this point

There was a woman in close proximity to me, on a fairly silent bus, having a long and loud discussion on the phone.

I was annoyed, and I know at least one other person was annoyed, but what is the most polite way to let her know that THE VOLUME OF HER VOICE IS TOO FUCKING LOUD? Interrupting her 20 minute (the entirety of my bus ride) conversation is not really in my vocabulary.


I view it as a reflection of how busy and scheduled-out we are. This woman was probably off to a date or whatever, perhaps with not enough time to go home in between, or it was very inconvenient to do so, or not enough time to even do it in a bathroom, which is probably one or two steps above this. Personally, I wouldn't do it but I understand the mentality.

About a year ago I saw a

About a year ago I saw a serviceman change from street clothes into army attire on a pre-6:00am number 57 bus from Watertown to Kenmore. No lotion, deodorant or change of underwear, thank God. I was in awe of his powers of detachment.

Performance Art?

I half wonder if this was a RISD student performing a school project, and if she had a professor in the background grading the "audience response".