Fitchburg Line delayed due to horse

Brian Cummings reports via e-mail on the horsey set in Weston this morning:

Well, this is a first. Around 7:00 or so, going inbound to Boston saw a beautiful chestnut horse running toward Boston alongside the tracks, followed by a woman running behind, followed by a panting MBTA cop. Between Silver Hill and Hastings. Train delayed for 10-15 minutes. All three none the worse for wear.

At least we weren't robbed by outlaws.

MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo reports train 406 was delayed 11 minutes as Weston and Lincoln police corraled the wayward equine.


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And don't forget the D-line Debacle this am

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Yeah, so everything south of Beacon for the entire length of Newton was fun today because of it.

This is precisely why I tell everyone who typically drives to work (I split my time between driving and biking) that they should care about the lack of maintenance on the T. A drive that is typically takes a frustrating 15-20 mintues to go about 3 miles became an infuriating 40 today because of the bustitution and all of the people who took one look at that disaster and chose to drive instead.

The horse thing gives me a chuckle though. I did not see said horse upon my arrival in Weston, however.

A co-worker took the Green

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A co-worker took the Green Line shuttle bus this a.m. and said it was running well. He got a seat and got into work his usual time. The wire problem happened early enough that the T was able to get a decent bus shuttle in place. They do send out e-mails suggesting that people "seek alternative" transportation. I know they want to give people a heads-up when there is a major problem, but if a shuttle is running well, maybe they should hold off on the "seek alternative transportation" line. Make a distinction between the cases of when there are 500 people waiting and only 2 shuttle buses in place vs. 20 or so shuttle buses running on a reasonable schedule with reasonable loads.

Maybe the shuttles were

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Maybe the shuttles were running well because enough passengers had indeed sought out "alternate transportation": that is, their cars.