Wor bor just got a little scarcer in the Boston area

Newton Patch reports the South Pacific in Newton has closed its doors. Fans have already put up a memorial page on Facebook.

Sounds like the Tahiti in Dedham might need a group hug.



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You Aren't Implying That Tahiti Is Next To Go, Are You?

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You just mean that Tahiti is lonelier now, right?


Because Tahiti is still a place that I adore. Yes, much of the menu (and much of what I order from it) would be considered crap by some food snobs, but I love the stuff. I can't help it. I grew up on it. It's American Chinese comfort food at it's best.

Long live the pu-pu platter!


I second suldogs analysis.

Fantastic old school Chinese food lounge.

Cathay pacific in quincy is a distant second (matches the atmosphere but not the food.

Medway lotus is a hidden Jem as well if you feel like taking a trip further west.

Third that...

Whenever we (my brothers, my mother, their wives/girlfriends, and I) go to the Tahiti, the order is invariably Pu Pu for three, chicken fried rice, and Chicken Polynesian (where they still light the rum until it flames and pour it over the chicken...and I grab every lychee fruit I can get.)

Pu Pu here in West Roxbury is better than Liane's was in Hyde Park. Cathay Pacific when I temped across the street from BCBS is okay food. Chinatown on the Sharon/Canton/Stoughton lines is also good.

Best Chinese food, at least to me, was and still is Chef Chang's House in Brookline.

Eddie's China Pagoda on Dot Ave

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No lounge. Retrofitted gas station ambience at the take out only window. But great American Chinese food like lo mein, boneless ribs, chicken fingers and crab
Comfort food indeed. I recommend the French fries and gravy.
Say hi to Eddie and Pete.

BTW, what's wor bor ?

Wor bor!

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From the Tahiti site:

Wor Bor - $12.90
Chicken, roast pork, sautéed with mushrooms, pea pods, water chestnuts, and oyster sauce.


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Since the Honolulu became Walgreens, where else would a person go to throw up a mai-tai on Friday night?

Wondering when public health

Wondering when public health officials will study the relationship between the slow decline of Polynesian, Chinese-American restaurants and the obesity epidemic in Americans?

Haven't been to the Tahiti, but fondly recall the Honolulu in Norwood as well as the Kahana and Kihei Walpole.

I went to high school in Dedham

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and Tahiti is a major part of my teenage years. Losing the Honolulu was a travesty. I don't think I could cope with the loss of Tahiti.

FB Page

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The outreach on the FB Memorial page has been nice to see. Lots of folks paying tributes to the place that served the best Scorpion Bowl in Newton.