Would Aerosmith be able to get a start in Allston today?

Possibly not, given the city's ongoing crackdown on DIY and basement music in the neighborhood.



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    edgy, sexual, drugged out, dont give a #@*% rockstars

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    tell me one band today that comes close? aerosmith hasnt come close to that edge since the 70's. if you look at the current state of music it's all schlock/american idol/ nicki minaj crap.we had that back in the 70s and 80s and 90s too but we also had the aerosmiths, ramones and nirvanas to even out the osmonds,nkotb and biebers of the world. theres some good underground stuff and some ok bands out there but they are almost impossible to find. boston used to have a pretty good support system for up and coming bands and now the only thing that really comes close is o'briens in allston. i can see aerosmith playing o'briens in their younger days.

    by the way, the new wfnx online is pretty good.

    No way Jose

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    because they'd be living in Southie with all the Hipholes and Yupholes.

    Stupid comparison

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    Aerosmith LIVED in 1325 Comm Ave, they didn't hold concerts there. They played at real venues and in the open on BU's campus, not in some renter's basement without a permit waking the neighbors at night.