You might think blocking Huntington Avenue at rush hour to work on a bus shelter is not the smartest of ideas

Dumb or dumber?Dumb or dumber?

The UHub Sky Eye Action News Unit reports two trucks showed up at this bus shelter on Huntington Avenue at Longwood just in time for the afternoon rush to do some work. Naturally, they completely blocked one of the lanes:

Backs up traffic for a mile on Huntington. Been blocked for an hour now. This is ambulance central...what a mess, what a great idea.



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there's no bike lane there...

...They're blocking a very busy stop for both one of the cross-town busses (which if you miss you're semi-fucked) and the second-busiest line in the entire system. During rushhour, when said busses come about every 5-7 minutes. And they're blocking of the lanes on a two-lane road with NO SHOULDER which is, as Adam notes, highly trafficked by ambulances.

They should have a)picked a better time b)minimized the amount of time they spent there (ie, drop off the glass, then go park the truck in a legit parking space like everyone else.)

Yes, it also represents a danger to cyclists on the most deadly road in Boston for cyclists- four cyclists have been killed on Huntington Ave between NEU and Brookline, if memory serves...Rennebohm, Hunt...I forget the names of the other two.


"Transportation dept is en route to Huntington Ave to clear crew out if they're still there. "

Won't they too be unable to get there because of the traffic?

This backed up traffic all

This backed up traffic all over the area. It took forever to get from Kenmore to JP and that is blocks away from the area shown. A closed lane like this backs up traffic in all local intersections and drivers love to block the box when it is congested and taking longer than usual. I haven't seen traffic this bad in a while. What a bad idea. This city really is run backwards most days.


My guess is that they wanted to assure some overtime pay and probably screwed off for a few hours before starting the project.

My post had a point. Did yours?

I did think it through.

If there were a metered spot or loading zone immediately behind the bus stop, they could have reserved it for the vans.

But in the current configuration, the curb lane is a traffic lane. So there's no place to park a van without blocking traffic.