You might want to avoid Allston on Monday if you don't care about Aerosmith

The Globe reports Comm. Ave. in Allston will be shut between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. between Harvard and Allston - and the Green Line shut starting at 10:30 a.m. - so Aerosmith can give a free concert in front of their first home in the Boston area.



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I'm fine with rerouting traffic -- but not with shutting down the T. Cars can always go another way, even though it will be a major hassle. I've been a victim of this just trying to get back from Stop and Stop during the Allston Street fair, BC games, and other such events. It's no picnic, trust me, but I can get home.

This event seems like a major screw job for people who don't have a car or any other option other than to walk to Packard's Corner or Beacon Street. Why not just let the B trains run? Will people be on the tracks? What about wheelchair passengers at Harvard Avenue?

The only comparable event that I can think of is the Marathon, and the C line still manages to run.


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oh the humanity!

Shawn is 100% right on this.

Shawn is 100% right on this. I would add that although cars can take different routes, there's not exactly an abundance of lightly traveled roads nearby to absorb excess traffic from Comm. Ave. The threshold for shutting down one Green Line route should be a pretty high one.

If Aerosmith wants to hold a free concert in Allston that's fine, but they should use a stadium or club rather than mess up thousand's of people's commute.

The City needs to reconsider this.

These rockers with walkers

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These rockers with walkers need to learn how to retire with dignity and not be disrupting the workday commute.


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Tyler, Kramer, Whitford, Perry and Hamilton cared about Aerosmith, they'd have stopped playing shortly after Draw The Line.

I dunno

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Pump and Get a Grip were also pretty good albums.

Aerosmith is cool

But the sidewalk in front of where they lived 40 years ago is not a concert venue. Period. Pure jackassery on the part of the city to close the road, stop the train, and make people move their cars (unless, of course, it's street cleaning day anyway.)

Ladies and germs, the world

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Ladies and germs, the world is ending. Will and I agree on something.

Excuse me now, I have a date with a spoon to cut my face off.

Some perspective

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The Beatles played an impromptu concert on the roof of their studio in London in 1969 causing huge crowds and traffic problems in the middle of a weekday. The cops even stormed in and pulled the plug on their equipment to make them stop.

London is still standing. They even just hosted the Olympics.

It's one day out of your life and you probably won't even remember it happened a month from now. It's probably not even the worst thing that will happen to you on Monday. Tough it out, champ.


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People - you are one step away from sitting on the porch in your rockers yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off your lawn. This type of thing is *why* people live in Boston.

The Beatles > Aerosmith

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Surely you're not comparing genius of The Beatles to the dreck Aerosmith is putting out these days. Besides, they owned the building where the concert took place and the police shut them down to get rid of the crowds. They didn't let them keep the road closed for 8 hours and I guarantee the Underground was not shut down for The Beatles.

Apples and Oranges.

“This type of music is all

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“This type of music is all right in its place, and it’s quite enjoyable. But I think it’s a bit of an imposition to actually disrupt all the business in this area.”

Quote from interviewed by-stander from the Beatles movie "Let It Be"

Completely unacceptable

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Although I don't mind Aerosmith as a band, for the T to be shut down on a business day, incoveniencing many thousands, so Aerosmith can shamelessly promote a new album for private financial gain, is completely unacceptable.

Let's get one thing straight here

this is not a celebration of Aerosmith's love for Boston. This is a cold calculated publicity stunt and nothing more.

This is not the band I skipped school to take the T into Jordan Marsh so I could be the first kid on my block to own "Rocks" for. Aerosmith are businessmen, nothing more, nothing less. I held out hope for this new record, thinking that it might be a return to those days as a parting gift to us fans that put up with all of the crap they've been turning out since "Get a Grip".

Nope. Not even close. Once I saw a duet with Carrie Underwood and more crap from Diane Warren and Desmond Child, I knew that it was all a lie and that once again, Aerosmith had sold their rock an roll souls for one more hot rod and an ever fattening retirement account. Just glad I downloaded it from the Pirate Bay.

Aerosmith are like so many bands from the era that are in it for the money only. I cannot tell you how many bands like them I have seen over the past ten years that do not travel together while on tour and only speak to each other at rehearsals. It's kind of funny to see so many new bands going to gigs together in one van from the hotel and then seeing mega stars going to their gigs in separate cars for each member because they can't stand the sight of one another. Aerosmith is one of those bands.

One thing I would be asking is who is paying for this disruption of the city? The cops, the T people, any municipal workers involved? I would bet real money it's not the band or their LA based management team.

So we can assume

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The city will be spending 3 million on police details and protection, while parking their tactical mobile command unit down the road. Right? Right?