15-year-old charged with Dorchester shooting

The teen was arraigned for attempted murder today for a shooting on Corona Street that sent an 18-year-old to the hospital in serious condition last night, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The teen, already facing burglary charges in a separate incident, was ordered held in lieu of $500,000 bail, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports, adding his name was not released because of his age.

His victim was shot in the leg and chest, and is currently in stable condition, the DA's office reports, adding the alleged shooter was arrested not long after the shooting at Blue Hill Avenue and Warren Street.

The teen was formally charged with delinquency for: armed assault with intent to murder, unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a building



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    It's hard for kids to do well

    It's hard for kids to do well in school when they are surrounded by these sociopaths. BPS needs to revisit their drop out policy and allow the bad apples to walk away. Compelling kids out of guilt or principle that don't want to learn to be in school only creates a horrible environment for those which want to learn.



    first off this has nothing to do with anyones education this didn't take place in a school!!!!! but to argue your point YES and NO! you don't know why certain kids act out and alienating them is not the solution and ultimately that's what your doing to forget about these "bad apple" is wrong your only adding to the issue's in society today! "IF A CHILD CAN'T LEARN THE WAY YOU TEACH, THEN YOU TEACH A WAY THE CHILD CAN LEARN" to revisit the age of drop out I believe yes it should be changed but not lowered!! raise it to 18 and really work with these troubled individuals! i'm not sure if your a parent or not but me being one I WOULD NOT LET MY 14-17 year old make CRUCIAL life decisions!! at all no if and's buts about it.

    Kids that are murderous

    Kids that are murderous sociopaths or already career juvenile at that age already HAVE NO INTEREST IN LEARNING! Get that through your head. Some people don't want to learn. You can't teach them.



    Probably at least half a mil worth of hospital bills and a decent amount in prosecution/lawyer costs - looks like those two low-lifes cost the taxpayers more in one day than a trailer park worth of white trash would cost over the whole year.



    I'm sorry maybe I can not read properly but the article states there were 2 people involved meaning one was a suspect one was a victim! "low lifes" maybe the shooter but you have no idea what that happened over!!! I happen to live on the street was there shortly after this incident occurred to actually grabbed towels out of my house to help apply pressure to this young mans wounds! that's appalling to know some individuals think the way you do, if it had been you in this situation things would be different, AS A TAX PAYING CITIZEN I would be mortified my dollars go to saving people like you but then what type of human being would I be to make such asinine judgement of a human being that you have absolutely no knowledge of.



    a) I call BS on your towel story.

    b) What are the chances the 18 year old who got shot wasn't a rival gangbanger, and there would not have been a role reversal if he happened to have a gun at the moment and the 15 year old didn't? Gangbanger thugs normally don't run around and gun down random people (that's reserved for suburban crazies who are able to get their hands on all the firepower one can possibly imagine thanks to completely moronic gun laws and overly PC medical record system;) most of the shootings are either rival thugs or (very rarely) folks who refuse to part with their phone/wallet/etc.


    Wow your ignorant first of

    Wow your ignorant first of all call BS if you will i'm not out to prove anything at all! like I said I live in close vicinity of the incident i brought towels out so they could be applied to his wounds if you mistook that for i was applying pressure no sorry but I have no reason to lie about that thats stupid.

    I would never sit here and get into a hypothetical battle!! who knows what the chances are!? anything is possible right?!?!

    living on the street and in some of these neighborhoods some people make it a point to know whats going on, on their street, in their neighborhood! I can tell you chances are this wasn't gang related both individuals live on the street! couple houese down from each other if not next door to one another!


    I would like to start off by

    I would like to start off by saying after reading these comments no its not gang related but i'm not about to explain myself because i'm pretty sure its ongoing. But as the parent of the 18year old shooting victim its a mothers worst nightmare so to read all these comments that people think is just ridiculous. For a mother to see there child who has a child and could of been lost to the streets of boston is just sad to read comments with gang related all the time not all shootings and stabbings are gang related people are innocent bystanders at times and as a parent to almost lose a child especially your first born is very heartbreaking we as a community need to stand up against the violence and guns within our generation your not doing anything but killing and hurting innocent people and the ones you love but I do appreciate the people who helped my son survive and even though I'm not going to mention there names I thank the GOD everyday for waking me up and seeing my son another day who is a son,brother,father, uncle cousin, etc. All I'm saying is not everyone is into gangs some people need to realize that until it hits home you can't express the pain and concern of a WORRIED PARENT.I just pray to GOD regardless of anything that people assume I have my son who is my everything and mean the world to me!!!!