Add the fire department to the list of departments for which Walsh gets to pick a leader

The Globe reports Boston Fire Commissioner Rod Fraser is resigning next month for work in the private sector.

Incoming Mayor Marty Walsh will also get to pick a new police commissioner and a new school superintendent.



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      Good, I guess

      At least Walsh will be able to show us what he intends to do to/for/with the city with his appointments, right off the bat.

      If he bones it all up, there will be ample time for someone better plan to run against him. If he was the right guy for the job, then he'll get to immediately implement some needed changes to the fossilized Menino machine.


      As it should be.

      Clean house. All department heads should resign. If Mayor-elect Walsh decides to keep any of them, so be it. This is now his job to run the city. If he does a good job, that's great. If he doesn't and we see some of the same old stuff like the BRA ignoring the citizens, then he is accountable for that.

      Known vs. Unknown

      Hasn't Boston recently had a School Superintendent and Fire Chief from a National Search?

      Politics is always going to play a part, but regardless of what many people think, most municipal employees who work their way up the ladder do it based on merit, not politics.