All that's missing is the olive oil

Signal problems at Sullivan Square mean sardine-level packing on inbound Orange Line trains this morning.

Meanwhile, there are major delays on the Worcester Line due to a train hitting and killing somebody.



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Eating on the T

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People DO eat all kinds of pungent smelling foods on the T. I don't get this thing of eating elaborate foods on the T.

Can you elaborate for us?

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About the most pungent thing I'd see people eating or drinking on the T - apart from Dunkin's nauseating coffee blends that make me think of liquid chocloate chip cookies - was the articical buttered popcorn, before they banned vendors from selling it.

Food on the T

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I've seen people eat all kinds of burritos and things on the T that can be smelled. McDonald's food as well. I've also seen people eat Chinese food out of styrofoam containers like the kind you get when you order "luncheon special #1", "Luncheon special #2", etc.

Bag searches

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This is what happens when you call for a switch repairman and instead get thugs in blue harassing riders and their bags.

Only one problem with

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the MBTA's rationale for the delays - there are no switches at Sullivan Square. Score 1 for the "big dart board with stock phrases in the PR office" theory.

Or the flagpeople at the Assembly Square

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construction site are unnecessarily stopping trains again. And I checked my e-mail and texts, it appears that the MBTA didm't send out an all-points bulletin repeated every ten minutes about this one.

Not to worry Adam

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I'm sure the T's response would be "Switch, signal, doesn't matter to us. Now, have you tried our new smartphone app?"