Allston man had serious tunnel vision after Sox victory last night

Transit Police report arresting an Allston man after they say officers chased him from Blandford Street to Kenmore Square - through the B Line tunnel around 11:30 p.m.

William Goodhue, 23, was charged with trespassing. Police say they had to stop trolleys while officers chased him through the tunnel.

Innocent, etc.



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Was listening to scanner when this happened. Knew the guy was going to be busted immediately. What an idiotic thing to do.

Meanwhile, I haven't heard anything as to arrests for people on the Worcester Line behind Lansdowne St. There were no officers available to sweep the tracks. But at least one of them hopped onto a train that had to stop due to the trespassers. Thought they would at least collar that guy at Yawkey or Back Bay, but seems they all went on their way. Not sure how they even got down there.

I am sure that the conductors

I am sure that the conductors clobbered whoever that was.

Reminds me of a story. I used to take the Commuter Rail up to South Station when I lived in Providence. I was once walking over to a standing, inbound Providence Line train at South Attleboro. That train was standing, standing, standing, standing. The MBTA had plenty of cheap parking in that lot, but where you needed to park your car sometimes (especially if you took a later train) was about a five-minute walk from the platform. That train was standing the whole time I hustled myself to the platform, climbed the stairs to go over the platform (thinking that running across the tracks as a few of my more nervous fellow-commuters did wasn't a good idea) went down the stairs and got on the platform just--and I mean just--as the train inched away. I could have easily hopped on board but the conductor wasn't having it. I heard later (there was a lot of gossip on that train--at least when I was taking it 15 years ago) that one of the guys who managed to jump on was harshly confronted by the conductors.


According to the media the charges were dismissed. Trains are delayed cops risk their lives and the charges are dismissed. No wonder minority teens who get arrested believe if your a rich white kid you can get away with anything



I was busy doing my part to contribute to the childhood obesity epidemic in my multicultural neighborhood, and ferrying offspring around to teen parties. Anon is not me.

Sorry dear.

p.s. with no third rail, they were probably happy to chase a nutjob in the tunnel ... no cars getting tipped over, no crowds!


Were you listening to the scanner?

Because from the sounds of it, police ran in BEFORE the Green Line operators were informed to stop all trains immediately.

Not exactly death defying or riding a motorcycle over 20 burning buses and what not, but taking off in pursuit down a dark subway tunnel at the drop of a hat isn't something I'd consider safest for my life or limbs.