Allston vegan pizza place goes out of business

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the owners of Peace o' Pie are trying for new digs somewhere nearby, maybe Brookline.



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      just as well

      The pizza was pretty bad and it was expensive. I don't live near there anymore but I think they should put in something serving Indian food.

      Sounds about right

      Yeah, I was actually pleasantly surprised by the pizza, which was way, way better than the pizza that TJ's served before. But here's the thing: I went there all of once. That place is basically right across the street from me, and I went there just once. Just too expensive. I recall it being nearly $5 for a slice, and that just ain't cuttin' it. I will be intensely curious to see what goes into this space though. Hopefully it stays food-oriented and doesn't end up as another hair and/or nail place.