Alternate photos of Tsarnaev


And these photos are less

And these photos are less likely to turn him into a saint than that revolting, self- loving selfie on the cover of the Rolling Stone why? These new photos turn him into Sebastian filled with arrows. If you're into that kind of thing.

How about charging

Boston Magazine with a violation of the insider trading laws. After all, they've made profits here from information that was not dissimated to the public.

If confidential information (like these photos are) was leaked to a stockbroker, who then told his customers to sell stock before the price tanked, the leaker, the stockbroker, and his customers would all be held accountable.

Pointless press leaks like this one are no different and should be treated the same under the law.

No, this is not insider trading

It's a very specific term that relates to corporate financial information (like selling stock in advance of a poor earnings report).

What this guy did may be many things, but it's not an example of "insider trading." It's also protected under the First Amendment (at least as far as the magazine goes; the trooper obviously faces some serious issues right now).

Great idea! Maybe we could

Way to go MSP! How about curtailing sleeping in cruisers first?

Great idea! Maybe we could also start with all of us refraining from wasting our company's time on U-Hub? (Don't worry, Adam, that will NEVER happen)

All I'm saying is we're all guilty of wasting time now and again. No need to call out law enforcement like you're some shining beacon of efficiency.

Initial reaction?

That's messed up. Then I wondered if he go paid for it, and if that's the case, not so messed up. Then a bit more:

Either way, pictures taken while working are IP of your employer (like anything your create on a job). On duty is working and the employer is MSP, so there you go.

Not really

there's likely still an ongoing investigation in addition that the Feds are still building a slam dunk case against him. I also fail to see how this exactly “counteracts” RS. Unless bloodletting allows the mob some weird satisfaction.

Maybe we should bring back hanging day too. Strike up a parade like old times. Think of all the economic opportunities, it be like having a game at the garden!

While this trooper broke the

While this trooper broke the rules to promote his own ignorant vigilante justice I am certain he wont be relieved of his duties, they will give him a couple days vacation (or leave) and then right back to his job.

He obviously didn't read the article if he says the bomber was "fluffed and buffed for the cover" since the picture was taken before the bombings, not FOR the cover, and the way he looks like a regular college kid is the whole point of the article, that a seemingly regular kid became a monster.

I'm wondering if you're the

I'm wondering if you're the one who's a bit confused.

The photographer didn't mean "fluffed and buffed" in the sense that they created a photo shoot for him. Rather, the image was Photoshopped and glorified for the cover of a magazine that usually contains actors and musicians. You know, the type of person youth look up to.

I'm wondering, had this cover been on TIME, if it would have been less of an issue.

I haven't personally had a

I haven't personally had a chance to view the original picture side-by-side with the cover photo, but from what many people are saying, the image was airbrushed to make him look more innocent and model-like.

One could argue that this was done for print quality purposes, but the speculation that the image was slightly altered – to make him appear better – just adds fuel to the fire.