And it's not even raining

The state shut the eastbound Storrow tunnel this morning due to flooding.



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This will get fixed so it won't happen again. It's a major ROAD into Boston, you see, so we have major press attention and helicopters over the scene and we'll no doubt have some political outrage. It's not like it's some stupid public transit system or something.

Screw it

Time to fill the damn thing in and reconnect the water front with the city. Highly valuable land like that, in a land scare city like Boston, has no business being simply a road for commuters. And any fix to this dilapidated tunnel means tearing up more water front land to put a surface road in.

Put in a connection to the Pike around the old CSX yards, and make the rest an at grade, one or two lane road. It'll be cheaper and be better for reconnecting the river to the back bay. There might even be land usable for mixed use development to be had.


I agree

The state has been hemming and hawing for the last 5 years, because it'll likely cost in excess of $200+ million to replace the tunnel that is beyond repair.

It would be much cheaper to "boulevard" Storrow. And that can be done in combination with the I-90 Interchange Improvement project.

There might even be land usable for mixed use development to be had.

Aha, but you might be interested to know that this did not happen in the past because the landowners on the other side of Back Street did not want their views spoiled by new development.

I doubt that attitude has changed.