And next somebody'll tell us Spare Change Guy is in Aruba

Jesus Is Lord guy in Miami

Jason Feifer was ambling about Miami yesterday when he stumbled across our very own Jesus Is Lord Guy. "It's nicer here," he told Feifer about his winter home.



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I chuckled a little bit

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I chuckled a little bit realizing I'm not the only one who's familiar with Spare Change Guy and refers to him by the same name.


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he couldn't afford it.

Don't Forget SSG

Sob Story Guy only needs $200 to get to his probation officer's winter place in Grand Cayman (and I, for one, would happily pay that if it was a one-way ticket).


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Spare change guy is here suffering out the winter with the rest of us. He was just on my Green Line train last week smoking a cigarette.

We see him up in Hampton

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We see him up in Hampton Beach all the time. I've seen him at every Warped Tour, concert, and most sporting events I attend. My dad talks to him for ten minutes at a time up in Hampton sometimes. He spends 2-3 weeks in Florida every year, wearing his billboard and handing out his little pamphlets.