And so it begins

In JP, rapidly turning into Southie on the Pond, the cones came out with maybe a couple inches on the ground.

Around 10:45 p.m. in East Boston, meanwhile, police responded to an A&B call on Princeton Street: A woman was standing in a space to hold it for somebody on their way when a guy not of her acquaintance began pulling into the space. She protested, he finished parking anyway. And then got out and pushed her before ambling away.




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southie bashing

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We may use space savers after shoveling in Southie but I don't believe we have a monopoly on running over space saving humans...please obsess about some other town please!

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Like where?

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Hartford? Birmingham? Saskatoon?

Or wait, is Southie a different 'town' than JP now?

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From that "mysouthend" page (what a name, by the way):

Trash Tip: Don’t tie recycling bags tightly if they contain bottles & cans. Cinching the bag loosely allows scavengers to open the bag, remove the returnables, and re-cinch the bag.

"Scavengers"? Yeah, I suppose those individuals going through the bags of trash and recyclables are "scavenging" but it sounds like they're talking about a pack of hyenas. I suppose they probably don't have any hair or feathers on their heads so that they can stick their heads into the carcasses they find and not get bacteria stuck on them.

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Screw space savers

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Space savers are about the shittiest part of Boston "culture." Oh you think you deserve some sort of reward for digging out your car? Yeah, it's called being able to use your car. Nobody's making you dig it out. If you want to keep "your" space so badly, don't move your car.

If you want to own a space then save your pennies and buy one. Otherwise suck it up and act like a member of society.

And as far as vandalizing cars that might park in "your" space after you're gone, what goes around comes around. You think it's difficult to leave a camera running to record who's causing mischief? You think your car's gonna be immune from retaliation? Think again. That cracked windshield you got last summer might not just have been from a random pebble falling off a truck.

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