And as you drift off to sleep, try not to think about the ad with the giant bugs crawling all over the bus seats

Giant bugs, arrrrgh!

The MBTA's starting a new ad campaign to try to get people to be less litterbuggy, less crabby to T workers, less piggy with seats and less elephanty in terms of spraying mucus on fellow passengers. See 'em all by downloading the attached file, and ponder the real reason Charlie never returned - he was eaten by giant cockroaches.

This is the first time the campaign has used such a light, humor-based tone to get these important messages across. Using the voice of various animals related to the reminder they're trying to make is done in order to make riders smile while reinforcing public transit etiquette.

"Riding the T every day, I know how important it is to be respectful and kind to fellow passengers as well as operators," said MBTA General Manager Dr. Beverly Scott. "Sometimes we need to be reminded of the basics and hopefully it will make everyone's commute a more pleasant one."

They should get Legal Seafood to underwrite this ad.They should get Legal Seafood to underwrite this ad.



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    There's some truth to this...

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    I'll come out and tell this story even though I'm sure I'll get some nice comments about it.

    Several years ago, I swear I got crabs from riding the T. No joke. I hadn't had sex in months, nor had I really gone anywhere in a few weeks except to the corner store to get food. I went on ONE job interview and rode the T there... 2 days later I'm itchin and scratching and running to Walgreens to get RID.

    I swear I got it from someone on the T. There's no other explanation of it. You can get crabs from someone without having sex with then, remember folks all it takes is just one in a strategic area and you're toast.

    There's a reason why your mom always was hesitant about using a gas station bathroom....

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    That crab one is literally terrifying. And if the MBTA expects me to be any nicer to the bus drivers, they should launch a campaign to tell THEM to be less "crabby" too, especially on the 39. The woman who has been driving my morning bus lately is downright icy, never responding to my good natured "good morning." I'd like to set some giant roaches loose on her bus.

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    I'd like to set some giant roaches loose on her bus.

    Is this some new euphemism that I'm just unhip to?

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    In my experience

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    by far most riders are not deliberately dirty and don't litter. But there are a few who deliberately are. They either do it because it's a passive aggressive way of dealing with their anxiety, are unstable in some way, drunk/high. All the PSAs in the world won't stop them. I suppose some kind of crackdown by transit police would, like it's common-place in NYC [yes, you better be careful littering or putting your feet up on seats in NYC subways], but obviously they have very limited resources.

    All in all though, I think MBTA cleaners do a pretty good job.

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    Start With The Employees

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    Really, they need to teach their employees do be less crabby. I was on a crowded trolley last week and at multiple stops the driver yelled at passengers to get behind the line or the trolley would not be moving. No "please" or anything, just the threat to stay at the station forever unless people moved (which was very hard to do as the trolley was packed). The tone was not nice at all, very nasty.

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