Annie Dookhan only good for one get-out-of-jail card, Natty Ice-sipping Chelsea man learns

VaughanA Chelsea man released from a 2 1/2-jail sentence for drug dealing because his evidence was certified by former state chemist Annie Dookhan wound up back in jail yesterday after police found him in possession of "eight baggies of suspected crack cocaine packaged for individual sale," the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The DA's office says Chelsea officers responded to the Bellingham Square McDonald's last night when Jonathan Vaughan, 26, allegedly refused a request to leave when workers saw him drinking a can of Natural Ice Beer. According to the DA's office:

When escorted out by responding Chelsea Police, Vaughan allegedly exclaimed, "I just got out on Annie Dookhan and I ain’t going back to jail." Vaughan allegedly began thrashing violently against the officers holding him before being restrained.

The crack was found while Vaughan was being booked for disorderly conduct, drinking in public, trespassing and assault and battery on a police officer and resisting arrest. At his arraignment today, Vaughan was ordered held in lieu of $25,000 bail on those charges, plus possession of a Class B substance with intent to distribute as a subsequent offense, the DA's office reports.

Vaughan had been released Dec. 14 on a stay of his 2011 conviction for possession of a Class B substance with intent to distribute as a subsequent offense and possession with intent to distribute in a school zone pending a review of his Dookhanated case, the DA's office says.

Innocent, etc.



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Another racist gets its wings

Good job advancing the perception of black people, you piece of crap. You might have actually gotten away with selling crack if you didn't have an open beer in a McDonald's, you idiot.

Oh, and he should be placed on house arrest at the Dookhan residence like all the others who got off on account of that stupid broad's careless work.

Who's the racist?

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I'm no fan of crime or stupidity either, but why's this guy responsible for protecting the image racist whites have of Black folks?

Think about that a second

This raises two troubling issues: 1) why is "what racists believe" true by default and need to be disproven; and, 2) why should we consider racism, which is born of intense ignorance, to be valid at all, let alone valid to the extreme that people of color need to be on their super ultra best behavior at all times to "prove" otherwise to the satisfaction of society?

Because sometimes people act on their false beliefs

I mean, I'm on the side of intelligence and good manners, neither of which this guy seems to have.

And can we retire use of "people of color?" I'm a person of color. I have a pink glow, accented by a light brown after a day at the beach.


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What about Jersey Shore?


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about JP

One of the convenient things about being white

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is that when I do something stupid it's just me being stupid, not millions of "you people" being stupid. I've got my hands full not being stupid just for me, I can't handle all the extra responsibility.


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you OK?

At first i though

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Naaty Ice-Sipping was his rap name, then i read the article. HAHA

drinking in public

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I wish the Boston Police would bust more folks for drinking in public while loitering, I bet they would find alot of the folks drinking in public and loitering have outstanding warrants or are commiting additional crimes!

Would it really be a good profiling measure though?

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Profiling based on behavior rather than demographics is legal and generally considered ethical when they're behaviors that have been shown to be linked, sure.

But I think you'd probably find that most people who drink in public are otherwise law-abiding. I've certainly taken wine to a picnic, and if you to go Boston Pride or the marathon or other outdoor events, there are plenty of people standing around with adult beverages (Note to idiots: use a Nalgene or travel mug, or pour it into a soft drink bottle. For fuck's sake, the red Solo cup is a dead giveaway!), and I'd venture to say that most of these people who drink in public without bothering anyone are people who generally respect other's safety and property.

Impulse control issue

"Drinking in public", is legal in a lot of states so long as you aren't in a car. In Oregon or Colorado there is no reason you can't toss a beer or even a six in your daypack and enjoy it in the open with your beach or mountain meadow picnic. You can walk around New Orleans with drink in hand, so long as it is in a cup or your bottle is covered.

The legality of drinking in public is really moot here. The issue at hand is that natty here seems to be the sort of person with poor impulse control and bad judgement about what is/isn't appropriate behavior for a given situation.

In other words, if we had more reasonable and sane laws that let adults act like adults so long as they weren't otherwise misbehaving or acting inappropriately, this guy would be exactly the sort of person who would otherwise misbehave or act inappropriately in other ways.

He might, for example, decide to light a cigarette, mouth off at the staff, and get caught with the drugs when the police showed up to kick him out.

Well exactly

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"Drinking in public" is a behavior that doesn't harm anyone and shouldn't be illegal.

But yeah, those of us who realize that there's a stupid law against it know to put our drinks in an inconspicuous container so as to show that we are aware of the social code and have the capacity to follow it.

"Drinking in public" doesn't need to lead to arrests and doesn't usually indicate that someone has warrants or is otherwise out of control. Drinking out of an obvious alcohol container wherever the hell one wants seems like legitimate cause for an officer to make a routine "hi sir, watcha doin?" stop.