Another one of those mornings on the Orange Line north of town

Waiting for the Orange Line

The morning started off with delays due to unspecified debris on the tracks (we like to think of it as being the remains of a snack by the blind white wolves that roam the Orange Line at night). A train departed this mortal coil at Oak Grove. And now there are signal problems at Wellington, and you know what that means.

Nick Palmarozzo took the photo of waiting commuters, reports:

Made it as far as not-quite-Wellington before more delays: switching problem, traffic ahead AND a schedule adjustment. Harsh!

Cram and jam at Wellington.

UPDATE, 8:45 a.m. An inbound Red Line train from Braintree clutched its chest just before JFK/UMass, yelled "This is the big one! You hear that, Elizabeth? I'm coming to join ya, honey!" and died.



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Not relevant to the issue, but the platform work has been finished for over a month; wonder why the T continues to run one train in and out of Oak Grove.

I would "write to the top" at the T but I recieved no response to an inquiry on a different topic on the platform work months ago.

Call Customer Service

As much as folks like to dog the T, their Customer Service department is somewhat helpful and nice to talk to. It might take them a week to get back to you on the issue, but they actually do call everyone back! Kinda shocked.. too bad this level of service couldn't be spread out to the rest of the T workers on the system..


Better still

Call your Legislators and have them contact the T directly with a specific request to have the platform reopened. As evidenced by the "RoadRunner" debate, most legislators consider responding to constituent's requests their top priority. And, despite the ongoing friction between the MBTA and the Legislature over funding issues, MBTA managers are generally very responsive to Legislative requests.

Plus, as the platform work has been completed and the request doesn't require any money or legislation, this one should be a slam dunk. At best, the platform would be re-opened earlier than currently scheduled - at worst, they'll re-open the platform when currently scheduled.