Another Red Line train decides rush hour is a good time to die; two Green Line trolleys join on trip to Valhalla

The deceased train is at Harvard; platforms at other stations are filling rapidly.

Green Line trolleys, meanwhile, died at Coolidge Corner and near Copley Square.



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I finally figured out how to get on an Alewife train

My home station is North Quincy and there have been days when 4, 5, 6 completely packed trains go by heading into Boston with no room us. I finally found a foolproof method for getting on a train! I take the Braintree train down to Quincy Adams and then walk across the platform. I get on an Inbound train there and voila! I'm on my way to work.

Believe it or not, this gets me to Park Street much faster than waiting for a train at North Quincy. I shake my head in disgust the entire time I'm on the outbound train that it's actually come to this.


Good Grief.

That I believe that this is accurate

I take the Braintree train down to Quincy Adams and then walk across the platform...this gets me to Park Street much faster than waiting for a train at North Quincy

makes me very sad and angry.

I've done the same thing!

I live in Milton and used to get on at North Quincy and had (sadly) realized the same trick to getting on the inbound train by going outbound first. it was so frustrating that I gave up and now take the trolley from Milton to Ashmont and take the red line to south station from there. the trip probably takes roughly the same amount of time as my old North Quincy commute but is infinitely less annoying than dealing with the permanent disaster that is the commute from North Quincy.


It's disappointing that the T

It's disappointing that the T is unable to run trains more frequently than every 5 minutes without biiiiig traffic jams occurring at terminals and the downtown stations.

In other cities, trains run at least every 2 minutes during rush hour.

In Moscow, people get angry when they have to wait 5 minutes for a midnight.


Yes and no

To be fair, it is 9 minutes on each branch, so it is 4.5 minutes (or a train at 8, then 9 minutes) between Alewife and JFK/UMASS.



Some Western and Central Mass legislators ganged up and saddled the T with debt from the overruns on a massive highway project, under the pretense that the federally and contracturally mandated transit enhancements that they welshed on shouldn't be paid for like they were supposed to be.

The idea was that these idiots and their constituents "subsidize cities" = yeah, just like the fucking red states subsidize the northeast ... NOT!

Why we gave these asses $50 million to subsidize cleaning up their road system for far fewer people is really beyond me. We should have told them that we would not subsidize them - because that's what we do in reality.

The result is the T is buckling under the debt while these idiots drive around whining about "subsidizing Boston". They should have been taught a hard lesson after Irene, but no ...