Another Red Line train pines for the fjords

At Porter Square, around 8:35 p.m.




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Red line

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Only 5 more years and they can retire.

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It's like the announcement

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It's like the announcement made the existing vehicles even more depressed. Another 5 years of this? Blaughhhh.

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Honestly I don't think we'll be riding them until 2025 knowing the T's luck with subway car and bus vendors.

Plus this whole "must be assembled in MA" really smells like the old Boeing Vertol crap from the 1970s.

For those of you who dont know, those were the cars that came before the 1987-era Kinky cars on the Green Line. They were a joint venture between SF Muni and the MBTA (since they both have like Light Rail Systems). The idea was get a US manufacturer (Boeing) to make the cars to be built to spec so they could be run on both systems (except SF Muni cars were built with no A/C). Bad idea.. just a bad idea.

Riddled with problems and constantly under repair. There's a reason why all those cars were destroyed as soon as the Breda Type 8's came rolling in. Too many issues and problems, and too costly to keep repairing.

This just reeks of this. We didn't learn back then that you can't 'force' something like this to be made in the US if there's no such industry. While I support locally made products, this is just one thing companies overseas just do better than us. (Bombardier anyone?)

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