Apparent Divinyls fan arrested after train from Lowell pulls into North Station

BeyaztasTransit Police report arresting a Boston man on charges he openly masturbated on an inbound Lowell Line train yesterday evening.

According to police, a woman on the train, due into Boston at 6:25 p.m., was minding her own business when she noticed some movement in the seat across the aisle from hers:

[Mehmet] Beyaztas was masturbating and looking in her direction. Beyaztas made no attempt to conceal and/or be covert in his actions and his penis was fully exposed. The reporting party moved away from Beyaztas and reported the incident to train personnel.

Police say they were waiting at the station when the train pulled in and that Beyaztas, 24, made an unsuccessful effort to run away. He's scheduled for arraignment today on a charge of open and gross lewdness.

Innocent, etc.



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I blame several years living on Vinal Street in Brighton - I am now constitutionally unable to correctly spell anything related to any words with "vinyl" in them.

I only know this

because I had it as a Cassette Maxi Single and I broke the tape by playing it so much.. or my dad cut it because he was so sick of hearing that song.

Then again, I was twelve at that time and just learning to 'touch myself'.. OVERSHARE!!!

What is it about guys and

What is it about guys and trains? I had a guy I'd estimate in his 50's do this to me on a train in Provence a few years ago when I was traveling alone. And, I was in my 40's at the time, a mother of three. I've never understood why guys do this. Weird and gross. NOT attractive or appealing at all, if that's what they're thinking. Geesh.

Eeka is right

its exhibitionism.. Some reason some people just get off 'exposing themselves' to others. Its a thrill seeker I guess.

Think of it similar to people who have a fetish with having sex in public places (that purposely do it for the thrill). The thrill of being seen and possibly caught is what turns them on.

of course now this guy is going to be listed on the sex offender registry. Kinda feel sorry for him, he'll be out of work, out of a place to live, must register and do treatment classes. All because he wanted to stroke his johnson in public.

I think you're missing the point

This isn't about attracting a women.

In reality, has ANY lady ever said "Hey wanna f*ck* to some guy who was exposing himself to them on a train. NEVER.

It has nothing to do with the opposite sex or trying to attract them (unlike most things people do, which is to attract a mate).

This is PURE thrill, plain and simple.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that women are the targets for this because the perp is heterosexual. I don't remember.... in recent memory I've ever heard of a guy doing this to another guy (that wasn't in a gay bar). Why? There's no thrill in it. Gay men would just watch intently (I'm gay, I speak from experience.. it doesn't matter how ugly the guy is.. a d*ck is a d*ck is a d*ck no matter what is attached to, and IMHO gay men are pigs)


Look at it this way, imagine if the situation was reversed, it probably wouldn't even be a crime.

There must be some pathological complement to this for women, probably has nothing to do with sex.

It's about power over women

The power to shock and offend, mostly. What thrills these guys is the shocked reactions they get. If you act shocked and offended, you're just giving them what they want.

Admittedly, it'd probably take a fair bit of presence-of-mind not to. The one woman I ever knew who told me a combat story about, pardon the expression, pulling that off was someone who was (1) a seen-it-all New Yorker since the 70s and (2) a medical professional, a nurse IIRC, so male anatomy had no capacity to shock or offend her.

I'm inclined to think the best thing to do would be to point and laugh--"hey, wow, just like a real one, only in miniature!"--but maybe I'm just horribly immature. Or I've read too much Spider Robinson. On a more serious note, I'm also not sure to what extent a flasher might be likely to turn simple exposure into a physical confrontation.

Obviously, cell phone cameras make great evidence-gatherers if you want to pursue a police complaint.