Are we having fun yet? Not in the Sunday Globe comics, we're not

John Carroll is outraged the Globe has dropped Zippy on Sundays.



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    Outraged is an understatement. Why, If I still subscribed to the globe I'd cancel my subscription. If I went to their crappy websites, I'd stop going. But since I already think the Globe is crap I can only complain here.

    Zippy is amazing and helps me make it though the day. Unlike most other comics, there is real art in zippy and even without the captions it's enjoyable. Zippy is an oracle. He explains the life, society, and the world around us. I can honestly say that when going though some of the most difficult moments of my life, reading Zippy each day helped more then anything else.



    Ok, I get it. The humor is a little esoteric (after hating Zippy as a child, something later clicked and I became a big fan, I even got a "tip" in 2003 when I submitted a photo of a Malden bowling alley which was used in a strip, the signed original of which is framed on my wall at home), but besides that, the work is high art, which is missing from comics pages (not that all strips need to be -there's more to a good strip than just the artwork).


    Other than Dilbert, the

    Other than Dilbert, the Sunday Globe comics have been rather dull. All those comics the Globe used to have are now on the Herald. When Garfield left their pages a few years ago, the Globe comics have not really been the same.


    That's the reason that the Globe lost all the truly good comics to the Herald years ago - the syndicate that oversaw the artists was owned by Hearst, so when Hearst bought the Herald, the syndicate decided not to renew its contract with the Globe, and went over to the Herald instead.

    apoplectic sphincter fissure

    This is really an outrage. I mean like wake the kids and call the neighbors and then go over to Brookline and burn down John Henry's mansion.

    Griffith really is the best artist in the funny pages. Comic strips are really crap compared to the average art quality of years past. I really enjoyed Griffith's travel sketch book, "Get Me A Table Without Flies, Harry." Zippy as a strip is only laugh out loud funny every so often and usually not in the two panels of set-up and one punchline formula that most follow. I can't stand "Big Nate," "Rose is Rose" and "Family Fucking Circus" but we're stuck with them. Ok, people with no sense of humor, artistic sensibility or clue might want a strip they can enjoy as well, but does that mean they have to take away the GOOD strips???


    For Better or For Worse was

    For Better or For Worse was rebooted (back to when the parents and kids were young) by the cartoonist a few years ago. This was one of the best comics IMO since we ALL experience what those characters go through...

    For Better of For Time Warp

    I do think For Better or For Worse was one of the better strips. I thought Johnston's art does a really good job of capturing body language and the stories were very their time. The actual nut of the stories still holds up very well, but the occasional fashion, technology and music reference can just be really distracting. Not a deal killer, but it's like sitting down tonight and watching an episode of All in the Family not as an archival sort of thing but like stuck in the middle of current programming.

    Shouldn't she just publish compilations of her work for those that wish to read it and then vacate the pages of the newspaper so something new can come in? Of course that would require newspaper editors capable of identifying new talent or willing to take risks on things that aren't imitative, unimaginative crap like the majority of the Globe's strips.

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