The automotive angle to the Bulger trial

Craig Fitzgerald chronicles all the cars for which photos have been introduced as evidence to date in the Whitey Bulger trial, notes that "about 2/3s of these cars are all shod with Sears RoadHandler snow tires."




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Machine guns?

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Really? What, where they watching too many re-runs of The Untouchables on TV?

In the 70s it was 'machine guns', today it's 'assault rifles'.

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Why do we care about the triviality of the tire brand and style on these cars? This feels like reaching for a story about a story.

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I for one found this

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I for one found this interesting. As a youngster I would remember these hits. When it would break on the news, everyone knew what was behind it. It was like a real life soap opera that left us wondering who was next. These cars and these pictures are like a trip down memory lane..

o/t but I wonder what the gun crime was then compared to today. I will assume much less in the Bulger days. And then, when hits like this happened, they were isolated. Other than the driver of the Mercedez and a couple of other unfortunate bystanders, for the most part these guys just went after eachother. I say that knowing that one innocent bystander is one too many but today it seems more innocents are getting murdered. Kids killed while playing in the park or sitting on their porch, thats a more common occurance now.
I think in those days, if a kid was killed in a park near Old Colony, the retribution/street justice would have been swift and final.

Ahhh, memories.

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