BAA: "Finish what you started"

The BAA is inviting 5,633 runners who were unable to cross the finish line at this year's marathon back to run in the 2014 Boston Marathon next year.

In a press release today, they listed the eligibility as having at least crossed the half-marathon checkpoint when the race was stopped at 2:50 PM. They do not yet know what the total size of next year's field will be set at, but those invited back will be given the chance to be a part of that field automatically by using a non-transferable unique code that will be given out in August.

Those affected by this decision should already have received an e-mail letting them know that they were included.



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Now, perhaps the BAA

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will also restore the previous practice of having ALL runners - elite and "others" - run in the same race.

And having the media keep track of the leading non-elite runners would be appropriate as well.

Not sure what you're getting at

will also restore the previous practice of having ALL runners - elite and "others" - run in the same race.

I'm obviously missing something - can you explain, please? Thanks.
Maybe the staggered start times?


Great news! I was wondering what was going to happen with all of those runners.

I imagine next year's entrance list is going to be rather large.

I've heard from an insider

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I've heard from an insider that the BAA is working to expand the field so that the non-finishers from 2013 would be in addition to the standard ~26k total qualifiers and charity runners for 2014. There are obviously a lot of logistical hurdles, compounded by the increased security concerns, but the field was, I think, 38k for the 100th anniversary run so there is a precedent.

I don't know what the

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I don't know what the logistics of any of this would be, but I'm imagining that next year might be the only time the city could deal with the traffic inconvenience of having the race be two days. Have the elites do their thing on Sunday, and then have an enormous entry field with staggered starts on Monday. Or, if it's really just bad to have a two-day marathon, just have a looooong raceday on Monday. I think people will be up for it.