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Suffolk Downs

At 6:22, Miza reported:

Beware of blue line, 2 trains full dumped off at Suffolk Downs due to wire issues. No shuttles.

The T eventually did start shuttle service, using Silver Line buses, which, of course, led to delays on the Silver Line.



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Blue Line

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I was out there myself. When I saw that no shuttles buses were there, just walked back home and drove in.

The announcements I heard about the Blue Line

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problems on the Green Line were recommending that people use the Silver Line instead. So passengers got the short shrift either way.

But let's put up even more of those obonoxious video boards extolling the praises of Googleland instead of actually maintaining the tracks and wires to prevent avoidable failures like this one.

That picture looks like how

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That picture looks like how it was when I arrived there around 6:35, probably worse.
Does anyone know the nature of, and where the "wire problem" was? I'm guessing Airport as usual. The site is just regurgitating the info provided by the T.