A real barn burner in West Roxbury; fire goes to two alarms

Behind 33 Hastings St.; did an estimated $150,000 in damage, the Boston Fire Department reports. The fire was declared out around 10:50 p.m.; arson investigators were summoned.

And, yes, West Roxbury has barns.




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    Is this the same barn that

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    Is this the same barn that had a garage sale every weekend? They had A LOT of junk in there.

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    Don't think so

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    If it's the same every-weekend place I'm thinking of (where the kidlet got a way cool parasol), that's on some street that's perpendicular to one of the streets off Centre, a bit closer to the parkway, while this one was just off Hastings and right behind the West Roxbury Pub/Rox Diner/etc.

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