Be on the lookout for Bob, the Red-Eared Turtle

Missing turtle

Kevin McCrea (yes, that Kevin McCrea) reports:

Sometime last night or early this morning my 2 year pet red eared slider who answers to "Bob" was taken from the fountain in front of my house at 218 West Springfield. A great favorite of the kids in the neighborhood, they are already worrying about him.

McCrea implores whoever took Bob to just bring him back - no questions asked.

In the photo, Bob is the smaller turtle on the left. McCrea adds his fountain mate, also named Bob, seems forlorn now.



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the plastic turtle...

Yes, Bob did seem to have some sort of unholy attraction to that hole-less plastic turtle.

Thanks for the kind words and the gentleman who offered to replace him. Makes me feel better about mankind.

What about Bob?

I saw a man carrying a turtle like this across the crosswalk while I was stopped at a light on the Jamaicaway. He was heading straight to the pond. I assume and still assume he had found a wayward turtle and was returning it to its natural habitat.

It's a bit far removed from the South End. In case it's connected though: He looked in his 50s, white goatee, glasses, and was wearing a green shirt or jacket. It was almost 9am today that I saw this man with a random turtle.