Been waiting to buy a Hess truck? Too late now

Associated Press reports Hess is selling off all its gas stations. That's bad news for Hess-mad West Roxbury, which has the city's highest per-capita number of Hess stations.



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    a WHOPPING 2 gas station; one which is basically in Dedham....

    There's 2

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    Hess stations in Allston. One at Cambridge and North Harvard, and the other at Brighton between Linden and Reedsdale.

    Too bad

    They're one of the cheapest around regardless if cash or cc sale. Sigh~

    Oh No, No More Free Air

    President Obama once said that everybody should check the air in his or her car's tires and drive with the recommended tire pressure of the manufacturer. Hess is the only station that offeres free air!

    But kind of useless

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    At least at the West Roxbury stations, because they don't have gauges, so unless you happen to have your own, you have no idea how close you are to your tire exploding in your face (me, paranoid?).

    They're not useless at all

    They put air in your tires, which is useful. Do people really drive vehicles without an air gauge in their glove box??? In other words, do people really climb into their 1.5-2.5 ton vehicle and drive around with no way of knowing how much air pressure is in their tires?

    I can't wait to buy gas at a

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    I can't wait to buy gas at a station that doesn't reject my credit card every single time at various locations when the zip code is entered at the pump. Funny how it always worked at the counter after a ten minute wait with everyone else who got rejected. We can only hope that the same IT people aren't going to be the ones running the systems that do the drilling.

    This is

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    why i ride a unicycle 5 miles to work and 12 mile home!

    unicycle guy?

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    Are you that annoying dude that I has almost run into me numerous times? If so, get off the sidewalk you lunatic!



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    free air and cool xmas present trucks for the kiddies. expensive but well made!!

    Hess has least amount of gas from Persian Gulf

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    I buy my gas at Hess because I've read they import ZERO barrels of oil from the Persian Gulf. Shell, Texaco, Exxon/Mobil and Amoco import most of theirs from the Middle East.

    Hess or no?

    Right here on Hess's own website is a press release saying that Hess is "Fully exiting the Company’s downstream businesses, including retail, energy marketing, and energy trading".

    I interpret that to mean that Hess will sell the gas stations to one or more competitors, not close them down.

    They don't shovel the sidewalks

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    Hopefully, whoever runs the station on Centre in the future will be better at shoveling the sidewalks. The current operator only does so reluctantly after several days. Better yet, close it down so the neighborhood will be more pedestrian friendly.