A Berklee Christmas flash mob at the MFA



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    Flash Mob?

    Is it a flash mob when it is planned out with permission and microphones and the MFA is in on it?
    I think there is another name for this performance but I cant think of what.
    Very nicely done I will say.


    Music stands and musicians

    Music stands and musicians standing around with string instruments does take some of the "flash" part out of the equation. I think the ideal flash mob leaves you wondering initially if it's just a rogue musician/dancer/singer or if it's something organized.


    Yup, it qualifies!

    I think the "flash" part has to do with how swiftly more and more people show up and join in...which then leads to the "mob", and then they usually disburse in the same "flash" manner. Of course, these days, you'd have to get some permission and organize with the venue to avoid any liability. But I don't think it takes away at all from the experience. This one @ MFA in particular was beautifully done!!