Board approves Sox bid to increase safety at Fenway by expanding booze sales

MassLive reports the Boston Licensing Board today approved a request by the Red Sox to add more stands selling hard liquor and to increase sales of beer and hard liquor on Yawkey Way before both Sox games and non-baseball events. Also approved: beer in plastic and aluminum bottles.

At a hearing yesterday, Sox officials claimed their interest was public safety, not greater profits, because the moves would reduce crowding in the stadium's concourse, not designed for the sort of traffic it gets today.



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        Yes, because

        Having more places to buy a drink automatically means everyone is going to drink more, and it means everyone will drive home drunk. How about a little personal responsibility. There's no reason a responsible, law-abiding fan should have to wait 10mins to get a beer and miss half an inning.

        There has to be a balance to

        There has to be a balance to provide better service for customers without promoting excessive consumption. I think the Sox are working hard toward the access part but not so much on the promoting responsible consumption part.

        No bars in Kenmore Square

        Nope. Not one place to drink. No liquor stores, either. Certainly no bars. If you can't drink at Fenway, well, you can't possibly load up anywhere else before or after the game.

        Policies that make sense for isolated, drive-to venues make no sense in Fenway. One could argue that Fenway has a better track record of responsible consumption than, say, the Cask and Flagon ... or other small venues near the park.

        No not that everyone

        will be drinking more. The drunks will drink more and it will mean we will have a more family friendly environment. I suggest they open a hooters on Yawkey Way to add additional ambiance. If I'm paying $10 a beer I might as well see some boobs.


        Will the drunks drink more? There's no proof that having more stands means people will drink more. I could argue that it will reduce drunkenness, as people won't feel the need to buy 2 at a time when they finally get to the front of the line and will drink a little slower. Regardless, getting drunk isn't the end of the world...a lot of people get a nice buzz at the game and behave perfectly fine. If some don't, or drive home impaired, they should be punished. The rest of us don't need to be told how to behave.

        It's actually pretty simple

        Springfield paper reports the story, AP picks it up, Globe copies AP story. Win for Springfield paper - they get AP recognition. Win for AP - they get good story. Win for Globe - they don't have to spend time and money hiring reporters to cover local stories.

        a ticket is now needed over 60% of the days/year to use Yawkey

        Biggest issue for a lot of us is losing the right to a public street another 40 times a year. Closing to vehicles is one thing, but now another 40 days a year you cant walk down Yawkey Way without a ticket, and Landsdown and Brooklines sidewalks become overwhelmed by the people trying go around the closed street.

        Sidewalks in the area (especially Landsdown and Brookline) must be widened if this is now happening 1 out of 3 days a year now.


        no, they also are taking the

        no, they also are taking the street over and selling alcohol 40 no baseball days. Dont worry, Yawkey way will be safe for those who purchase tickets to use it. Next door on Brookline st though, that area is open to anyone, even pedestrians without tickets, watch out!