Board smacks South Boston Chinese restaurant that stayed open late

The Boston Licensing Board voted yesterday to suspend the license for Golden House on West Broadway for seven days after a Boston police sergeant found it open at 2:50 one morning - 50 minutes past its legal closing time.

The punishment - unusually severe for the licensing board - came despite owner Xian Wan's plea for mercy because he needed extra money due to his son dying of cancer.

At a hearing Tuesday, board members noted Wan has been caught operating past 2 a.m. before and that if he felt he needed to stay open later, he should have applied for an extension in hours - a process that could take weeks, in a neighborhood already fighting mad over early morning food service.

The board deferred any action against another West Broadway eatery, Nanning Wok, which was also caught open past its 2 a.m. closing time, but which does not have a history of closing-hour violations.



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This is so ridiculous

Seriously, they MUST have better things to do. Who are these people who move to a major city and then complain about places open late? Move to the damn suburbs if you want dead quiet at night.