Body found under Longfellow Bridge

A construction worker on the Longfellow Bridge project found the body of a man in rafters under the bridge's Boston side this morning, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The man’s remains were discovered in the rafters beneath the bridge in an area known to police as a spot where homeless people sometimes sleep. The deceased has been tentatively identified as a 43-year-old man whose last known address was a Boston homeless shelter. There were no outward signs of trauma or foul play, but the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner will determine the cause and manner of his death. Attempts to locate and notify the man’s family are under way.

Photo of the scene.



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      Very Sad

      I'd bet it was someone who was living up there as well. People have been living in that structure wherever they can for many years - there have been fires when people were trying to keep warm.

      How do you know what he was

      How do you know what he was on or what was wrong with him? There is an autopsy being done. The reason I know that...he is my brother. So keep your thoughtless opinions to yourself, people are grieving

      Opinion? What?

      I made a speculation. How is that an opinion? I'm sorry for your loss, but you're coming off pretty unreasonable here. I never said he was on anything, I said it was possible -- and I said it was more likely the elements.

      Given that re-construction

      of the bridge has barely begun, I suspect the tenting is actually for containment as the contractor strips existing paint off the beams and girders. Nevertheless, it is still very tragic (and suddenly, I can't seem to get Christine Lavin's song Somebody's Baby out of my head).