Body of missing Newton student found; foul play not suspected

WFXT reports.

Douglas's sister, Sonya, discusses her death - and life:

I stood over the stretcher and the canvas bag that held my sister and I broke down. I had stood there in shock for so long, surrounded by my family and the pastors from my church, and a close family friend. But I broke down when we gathered around the stretcher to say a last prayer. I sank to the ground and became hysterical over the loss of my sister. The others said their words as I gripped the bar of the stretcher.

I slowly stood up and sang to her the song "Cats and Rabbits" from Disney's Alice in Wonderland. It was a song that she always asked me to sing to her when we were little, when she was feeling lonely or scared, or just wanted to hear me sing it and to revel in our moment.

She was a beautiful person.



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      Oh my.

      Oh my.

      My condolences, thoughts, and prayers to her family.

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      Rest in Peace

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      Karen. Sympathies to her family.

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      Very Sad

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      Just goes to show that depression doesn't care that you have a loving family and a lot of resources. It hits all the same way.

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