Boston kidlets rejoice: No school on Monday

Boston Public Schools are shut. All extracurricular and sporting events canceled as well. The city is opening community centers in Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, East Boston and Mission Hill for parents who aren't as lucky as their kids to drop them off for the day.



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Oh JOY! Let's hope the

Oh JOY! Let's hope the governor keeps nonessentials home, then I won't have to scramble to find a sitter...again.

growing up

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One of the first things you learn as a parent of school kids is now "vacation" it ain't no more. It is easier if a parent is already stay-at-home, but snow days are just unscheduled versions of things like Bunker Hill Day, Evacuation Day, February and April vacations, and summer. And then there are the "Early Release" (why do they make it sound like PRISON!) days you have to plan for as well. Guess what? Having kids means making sacrifices in other areas of you life so you can reap the rewards of family.


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Schools are educational institutions, not babysitting services.

Don't be obtuse. Obviously,

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Don't be obtuse. Obviously, parents plan for their children to be in school during certain hours.

Clearly you don't have

Clearly you don't have children. No decent parent considers schools to be babysitting services. However, as a parent we do rely on our children being in school certain hours. My children are in school from 8am-2:30 pm and then they are in the after school program until 4pm when my husband picks them up. I do drop off, he does pick up. When that source fails, it is a difficult situation to be put in.