Boston in the mist at night from space

Boston at night from space

Chris Hadfield up there on the International Space Station posted this view of Boston on a February night (see it larger).

Compare to his earlier photo on a clear night.

Via We Love Beantown.



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    Must be before the T closes

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    Must be before the T closes because afterward I'd assume we look like North Korea from space.

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    I love these photographs.

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    This fellow has been taking some fabulous pictures of late.

    I am always amazed at how well defined the city boundaries are with Brookline, whether day or night, or whether the photo is from space or just an aerial. This one is so clear that you can actually follow the street lights on Beacon Street along the south side of the Chestnut Hill Reservoir all the way to the Newton line.

    What the heck are all those specks out over Mass. Bay though. Could it be that there are that many boats/ships out there at this time of year?

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    Those specks are all over

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    Maybe some camera/viewport/atmospheric thing?

    Besides that, the city looks like a galaxy, or a globular cluster, or something. Neat-o.

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