Boston Olympics in 2024?

Sure, why not?

David Wade at WBZ, meanwhile, wondered what a real Boston Olympics might include:



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Save us.

I'd be rounding up livestock for sacrifice to save us from the shambling corpse of the IOC, but I'm pretty sure the city's crumbling infrastructure, crushing debt, and complete structural inability to handle the surge of tourism will do the job for me.

That said, this is the most hilariously incompetent group of people I've ever seen, and I'm proud to have them representing our bid for the summer games. They registered a domain name AND rounded up 342 Likes on Facebook? Look like they've got this one in the bag. Make way for the torch to parade down Comm Ave!



Almost every city that hosts the Olympics is left with a gargantuan amount of debt. The whole "it will profit the city through tourism" and other assumptions are far and away the exception, not the rule.

Boston needs to get it's budget in order before even dreaming of this, especially with the threats to raise taxes across the board already.


We have to insist on Candlepin Bowling as a demonstration sport!

Summer Olympics are for megacities anymore - look at how they almost destroyed Montreal! I suspect that the people pushing this have little or no sense of geographic and demographic scale.

On the plus side, Barcelona got a really nice transit system out of the deal. Maybe we could, too?

Speedwalking events

1) Crossing Boylston Street between Fairfield and Gloucester to get from the Pru to the Apple Store. Must not be in a crosswalk. All lights for incoming cars must be green. Must be texting on an iPhone.

2) Walk from Target in Everett through the rotary of Route 16 and Mystic Valley Parkway to the KISS 108 offices. Must cross through the middle of the five way rotary. At least one light must be green. Each bag you carry is subtracted* 0.1 second to your final time as a bonus.

*Whoops! Originally had "added" but then it dawned on me that the goal is to get the lowest time.



So we get to take crippling debt and gross mis-management of the Big Dig and couple that with the police state lockdown of the 2004 DNC so we can do what? Keep perpetuating these World Class City fantasies?

Awesome. Thankfully, it won't happen.

Summer Biathalon

Using those skis with wheels, do laps of the Esplanade and pick off targets along the way with a rifle. Maybe they could put up cardboard redcoats?