Boston power grid suffering another meltdown: Several neighborhoods lose power, South Boston manhole explodes

As of 10 p.m., parts of Roslindale, Hyde Park, Roxbury and Dorchester were without power.

Parts of the western side of South Boston went dark when a manhole on West 1 St. between B and C went kablooie. NStar was unable to provide an estimate for when workers could get down there for a look.

Firefighters responded to 320 W. 2 St., where the power outage stranded a man and his dog in an elevator between the fourth and fifth floors. Tom McGuire reports they were rescued.

In Roslindale, Ed Grzyb reported, the outage area included Hyde Park Avenue by Blakemore, Rowe, and streets east of Cummins down near Healy.

In Dorchester, power was out along Dorchester Avenue from Gallivan to Washington Street in Lower Mills.

In all, NStar was reporting 4,600 customers without power - which likely means far more residents.



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    Power Troubles

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    I guess that explains the power going out for a second or two earlier. A few years back, every time the weather would heat up we could count on outages. One summer, I stopped counting after the fourteenth outage. Finally hell was raised and NStar had to address this problem.

    This is crazy

    Haven't had any power troubles up here in Lynn. And usually, with this kind of heat, we would've had at least 2-3 shutdowns already.


    Dot Ave

    Dot Ave from Gallivan to Washington? Washington is parallel to Dot Ave, at least as parallel as streets can be in Boston.


    With all the new

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    With all the new apartments/condos being built up and down First street and the surrounding streets, it's only going to get worse.Hopefully the electric grid can handle all the new buildings going up.

    It's been said for years

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    cram a bunch of Yuppies in 4 units into a building that was a single family house, throw in central AC, steam rooms, big screen TVs and Subzero fridges and the system cannot handle it. Then they are the first ones to complain.