Boston teacher, daughter of late reggae great, tries to free brother on New Jersey pot charge

TOSH1, Jawara Tosh in prison - Son of Peter Tosh

Niambe McIntosh, daughter of the late reggae singer Peter Tosh and a BPS special-education teacher, appears in a YouTube video seeking a bail reduction for her brother Jawara McIntosh, a Dorchester resident arrested in Mahwah, NJ in June after police say they stopped him for driving drunk and then found more than 65 pounds of pot in his car's trunk. reports a judge didn't buy any of the arguments in the video and refused to lower his $200,000 bail.

Jawara McIntosh was initially pulled over by police for reckless driving. His passenger, Carlotta Z. Leslie of Dorchester, was also arrested.

Innocent, etc.



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      Hey, you want to play, you gotta pay

      While I still believe our Draconian pot laws are ridiculous, being stupid enough to drive drunk with 65 lbs in the trunk is criminal stupidity, I don't care how great your old man was.

      No one is God on earth ....

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      Do not wait for the last judgment. It comes every day but yet i have an higher judgement awaiting, its said don't judge from childhood, in the bible and clearly people in this cold world lack understanding i bleed the same blood. And I haven't been very quiet but i refuse to beat or attacked by the negativity. Believe I'm built for the fight back i promise,
      Jah Know ....

      Yes, I am not concerned with

      Yes, I am not concerned with the pot. Who cares, and who cares doubly given he was raised in a culture that embraces pot use ceremoniously, in much the same way that other western cultures offer alcohol toasts.

      Driving drunk is different. That does endanger people who share the road (or don't, for that matter). Regardless of his parentage, that has to stop. I hope his close-knit family can give him a hand preventing that from happening again.


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      What did he plan on having, a f'n bone fire? Take a lap with your white guilt bs, or at the very least have another cup of coffee. You're talking nonsense.

      He should have done this in MA

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      $50 bale and a warning not to drive or deal.

      One could argue that he is less of a menace than someone who attacks people and is out the next day.

      Then there is that Dairy Ann Hess beyatch in NH who is out on only $50K bail.

      So long a NJ is equally tough on frat boys who do the same thing ...


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      a $50 bale....that seems cheap. [ /end editorial smartass ]

      No he shouldn't

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      He should be booked and released the next day like anyone that gets a DUI that doesn't involve an accident.

      No one should be in jail pot.

      I will agree that drinking and driving erratically with pounds of weed in the car points to being really dumb.

      Why would they fire her?

      For criminal support of a family member? If guilt by association was the law of the land, then priests shouldn't be allowed near children either.

      Please grow up

      ... and read your US Constitution while you are at it. You are setting a bad example by demanding that people be punished for exercising their first amendment rights. (redress of grievances; freedom of speech; etc.)

      He might very well be a nice

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      He might very well be a nice guy. I think that might change though if someone, other than the cops, tried to take his 65 pounds of weed. Then he might not be so nice.

      65 pounds of weed clearly isn't for recreational purposes. I'd be shocked if this were the only drug he was peddling.

      What is bothersome

      ... and I don't know if NJ is the same way as NH or MA, is that he didn't kill anyone and got such a high bail.

      Drunk driving and killing or maiming people (or otherwise impaired driving) doesn't even get you much if any bail in MA. Some druggie girl in NH was caught speeding and driving without a license, her drug dealer drove her home without any charges, and the next morning she murdered two people and maimed two others while wasted and she only got $50,000 bail.

      Again, I don't know what the standard bail is in OUI cases in NJ ... this might compare. However, I think there is a problem when drivers who kill and maim are treated more lightly than someone with a bale of pot in the back apprehended in a routine traffic stop.

      He might very well be a nice

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      He might very well be a nice guy. I think that might change though if someone, other than the cops, tried to take his 65 pounds of weed. Then he might not be so nice.

      65 pounds of weed clearly isn't for recreational purposes. I'd be shocked if this were the only drug he was peddling.

      How much is 65 # of pot

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      How much is 65 # of pot valued at? Legalize it , regulate it , and tax it ! And you know the tobacco companies will be on it like a hornet ! Good for the fast food industry too !

      it's a lot. probably more

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      it's a lot. probably more than I've smoked in the past five years.

      Source: I'm a 20-something living in Boston.

      The Media is never a reliable source for FACTS

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      Unfortunately the majority of the public takes a news article by a "reputable" source at face value. Notice that the articles mention nothing about failing a chemical sobriety test. Jawara was 100% sober. The open bottle (singular) was an old bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade that belonged to the passenger. Only the very few that have been victims of slander knows how the media operates. With all that being said, to held on a $200,000 bond is ridiculous.

      My brother's arrest comes at a pivotal moment in the nation’s consciousness relative to marijuana and the draconian laws and hypocritical policies associated with it. We feel that this moment is pregnant with potential to organize and mobilize reasonable and sensible advocates of the legalization of marijuana. It was our father, Peter Tosh’s mission to disseminate the truth and exhort the people to stand for personal, communal, and national justice. We contend that the will of the people is not currently reflected in the law and therefore the law is unjust.

      I agree in spirit

      but this was no act of civil disobedience. Your brother was trafficking, plain and simple. Until the laws change and your brother has a growers license, then the law is clear. Drive around with 65 lbs in your car and you're going to jail. Sad to say, but that's how it is. I'm sure his lawyer will try and use the personal use defense, but how far will that go? I wish you and your brother the best of luck.