'Boston's Finest' is worth watching, unlike some other shows about Boston we could mention

Watched the first episode on TNT tonight and it was an interesting, fun experience. Interesting to see what goes on on those calls that I hear broadcast on a police scanner, fun to see what places I could recognize or look up (at one point, a guy gets arrested at Olympic Pizza in Wolcott Square - hey, I've been there! - the show ends with the arrest of a guy who walked out of this building in Roxbury - where, jeez, there was a shootout early this morning).

Who couldn't love a show that posits "coffee and chicken pahm" as a cop's cleanse and asks the question: "Why do you think it's OK to take your penis out of your pants on Hyde Park Avenue?"

Donnie Wahlberg also found some officers to provide actual drama even off the job, such as the cop whose twin sister is a drug addict (probably fortunately for both of them, in Lynn). There was the odd couple of detectives bickering over where to get lunch (one finally suggests sushi in Westie) and the two cops married to each other.

It wasn't perfect. Wahlberg spent way too much money and time on glamor shots from helicopters of downtown skyscrapers and, of course, the Tobin, none of which had anything at all to do with the vignettes of cops on the beat in Dorchester, Roxbury and Hyde Park. These shots got wicked annoying after awhile (and one suspects only a local would realize that one shot of downtown across the harbor was taken from a sewage-treatment plant).

And there was one odd thing: We see two cops patrolling Geneva Avenue and then, all of a sudden, they're responding to a fight in Hyde Park. Really?

But I'll probably watch again next week.



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Couldn't record !!!

Too many programs on my DVR!

Did they have the obligatory shot of Fenway?

Hope to catch it on the rerun ... Saturday night I think.

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And More!

Obligatory shot of Fenway AND Gang Unit arrests on Lansdowne!

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Really kept my interest

I'm normally a half watcher of most things on TV. I'll have a book or iPad in my hand and look up occasionally. But, while this show was being recorded to watch later, I actually sat and watched the whole episode.

As another police & fire scanner listener, I hope they include some of Boston's Finest dispatchers in some episode. That team does great work too!

Great show! Thanks for posting about it, Adam.

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olympic pizza

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is it good? good greek pizza?

my great aunts owned a restaurant/diner in wolcott square for many years starting in the thirties, shutting down in the sixties. they always charged the batteries on their tracking ankle bracelets though.

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I like it

I usually get a Greek salad, a Gyro or an Italian sub, light on the hots. Every couple of weeks we get a pizza or a calzone for the whole family. Unfortunately you can't charge your ankle bracelets in there anymore- believe me, I've asked.

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Anthony Woodrum

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Yes, I asked the DA's office what happened to him after he was arrested. He was arraigned Nov. 14 on a charge of escaping from a penal institution (the Suffolk County House of Correction). He pleaded guilty, was sentenced to a year back in the Suffolk County House of Correction.

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I'd watch it again

I especially liked the scene with the water shorting out the siren/light board in the unmarked cruiser. Makes me wonder how often that really happens when you see them go by wailing and then just stop at the next light. Ho hum...

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