BPD investigating why South Boston suspect not arrested after fall attack on Mission Hill



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Press Conference

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I watched Davis on TV. I did not know about the missed opportunity to arrest this guy last year. On the surface, it appears someone has to explain themselves. Given the gravity of this I wonder what action will be taken against the detective for failure. It cost a young woman her life.

BPD will laugh in your face when you report a crime

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I used to live in the South End. One New Year's Eve, walking home from a bar, I found myself looking down the barrel of a gun.

We should have seen it coming. We walked into a crowd of about 20 people on the street.

When we got home we called the BPD. The officer who came took a statement and then laughed when we asked if they planned to canvas the area where we had been robbed with a deadly weapon. The guy laughed. I wondered why people bother to call them.

Can't believe this or them

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This is why when I go to jury duty I tell the Judge that I don't believe a word that comes out of cop's mouths.

They not only

They not only laugh at you- but once years ago when my mother who worked at the South Boston branch of the BPL at the time called to report that her car had been vandalized (and they actually came to take the report) the cop who was taking her statement starting asking her to describe her own physical characteristics so he could fill out his report. She was like- you don't need to know my height, weight, eye color, and any other potentially hidden distinguishing physical characteristics to fill out a vandalism report. The cop said- no we don't but we will need them to ID your body when you turn up dead over here- and you will.
Comforting- right?


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I can count the number of times on half of one of my hands, the times the police have actually driven down my street. They should install GPS in the cop cars, just like Verizon, UPS and snow plows to see where they are during the shifts.


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Around 11:30 pm rough;y (4) years ago my (18) year old son and a friend were walking home from Andrew Station along Columbia Road (So, Boston) . Near Old Harbor Street at the end of the Old Colony development a group of teens came up to them and started talking. My son and his friend kept walking. One of them came up behind his friend and stepped on the back of his sneakers which then came off. The friend had paid around $150 for those sneakers. Another one came up behind my son and wrapped his arm around his throat while another one stole his $400 phone. My son and his friend (without shoes) took off running and the other (4) just walked away down Columbia Rd. Within a short block and a half they ran into a parked Boston patrol car on Covington Street - they ran up to the officers and told them what had just happened. The police response, "What do you want us to do?" The victims replied "Go get them - they are right down the street on Columbia Rd." The two officers said nothing but my son and his friend heard their message clearly - "move along son -nothing here to see."

Within a year one of the attackers were in the news again,

I understand why the girl attacked in September of 2012 did not aggressively push her case forward. The Boston police send the message that you are bothering them, that there is nothing they can do, and that it will end up being a waste of time.

I'll say it again

Get the National Guard in here once in a while. I'm not mad at Barney Fife for not having the balls and/or competence to go after violent scumbag criminals, because I don't have the balls either.

But there are people who do. Get them. We sacked up when it was time to go find the Tsarnaevs. Strike again.

Let me guess

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You failed US history so badly that, if you weren't born here, naturalization wouldn't be possible because you couldn't pass the most basic of tests.

Seriously - there are a lot of classes on the web. Take some.

This is what happens when the

This is what happens when the local dailies stop covering crime beyond the big, headline grabbing sensationalism cases. They're just as surprised as everyone else when Boston police mess up. There was a time when reporters would have looked at unsolved assaults and not have to wait for a press conference to make the connection.

Funny you say that, right

Funny you say that, right after the press conference, I found an article up on the Herald's site that had 5 hour old comments on it, so it would appear that one paper did actually look into this, found something noteworthy, and published it, which is most likely why Davis mentioned it during the presser, because he would have been expecting questions about it if he didn't address it.


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Victims and good cops from all of the city will now expose the lazy incompetent overpaid clowns who can't even read and write reports and are called detectives

It's all about the money

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Too many cops on the force right now just interested in working details to make overtime instead of solving cases :( and not enough cops walking around the city , get them out of their cars and walking around the neighborhoods.

the defense attorney says,

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the defense attorney says, "The victim never saw the face of the person that attacked her and besides my client lost his wallet the day before the attack," and the jury says, ??????????

Then the prosecutor says

"If he lost the wallet yesterday, show me the record of him cancelling the credit/debit card(s) THAT SAME DAY."

Frickin' A, I should have gone to law school.

Detective's mistake unfortunate but a red herring

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It's highly unlikely that an attempt to prosecute the Mission Hill case would have prevented the Southie situation.

1) Patrolmen and Detectives in Mission Hill couldn't locate the suspect so what Davis is saying is, based on the wallet and ID, they should have applied for either a summons or an arrest warrant and hope that a clerk magistrate issued same. I agree with Davis, but...

2) What are the chances the suspect, who has a long history of defaults, answers the summons? If a warrant were issued, there is hardly any pro-active attempt to serve warrants, so it would then take another encounter between suspect and police, and the suspect giving his true name or being fingerprinted in time, for suspect to get to court on the Mission Hill case.

3) With court congestion, jail overcrowding and Boston judges like Ray Dougan, the defense attorney argues at arraignment what anon 10:45 am wrote above. Suspect (now defendant) is most likely released with a new court date or held on low bail.

4) The mistake by the Detective is something of a red herring. It distracts attention from the fact that Alemany wasn't in prison with this record The system is beyond broken. If you think Almany's dozens of arraignments are shocking, ask any seasoned cop. Alemany's record is nothing. It's not unusual at all to encounter someone with 100+ arraignments/arrests roaming the streets. If we are to honor the memory of Miss Lord, demand that the system be fixed. Unlikely, but overdue.

Because we all know

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Police never screw up.


Why are we paying for your retirement, again?

Skip right past the duty they had to

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Skip right past the duty they had to apprehend him for his "first" crime -- he was unambiguously ID'ed -- in order to absolve BPD for any culpability for the "second" one, murder. Wow.

Re: Skip right past the duty they had to...

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Duty to apprehend? How? The suspect had fled the area. I don't believe he was microchipped like a pet. Police Chiefs worldwide would love to know how they could have apprehended a vanished suspect, it would have saved years in the Whitey Bulger case. "Unambiguously ID'd?" by who? The victim provided only a vague description, was knocked out and came to with the man's wallet and ID. BPD is culpable for not filing court paperwork, which this defendant had almost always ignored. Even if a warrant had issued, there is no system to actively serve arrest warrants, tens of thousands are active today. This isn't Law and Order or Blue Bloods. Are you at all familiar with our system?

more excuses

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The crime lab called but detective Jerome Hall-Brewster did not call back. Jerome did not do enough to prosecute the suspect says Commissioner Ed Davis.

Commissioner Ed Davis busted him back to patrolman.

Retired cops making excuses for cops who didn't do their jobs should shut the fuck up.

The Lord family will sue and win a settlement but they'd rather have their daughter back.

O-Fish-L will have more excuses.

Re: Because we all know...

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Police never screw up.


Why are we paying for your retirement, again?

Worry not, my nice retirement and its extra 25% for the Master in Criminal Justice Degree was well earned. You should try a degree. I wrote that the Detective made a mistake. You accuse me of saying police never screw up? Mistake/screw up? Synonyms, no?

The gist of my post, obviously lost on you, was that despite the Detective's MISTAKE, the suspect should never have been on the street to begin with. 52 arraignments, 10 adult FELONY convictions. Blame the cops for the entire mess though, not the courts/pols. It's way more fun!

Be Easy, Mission HIll cop are busy

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Mission Hiill cops are busy protecting us from college keg parties. They can't possibly direct resources towards, say preventing murder, rape, robbery and assault. That would be ludicris.

This whole story is so

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This whole story is so disgusting, sick and sad. I can't stop thinking about this young girl and how afraid she must have been. She was on the right path of life .. Graduate from high school, Graduate from college, Great job, got an apartment. Very successful and some scumbag came along and took it all away. Too many rights for these scumbags! They could have arrested him and didn't and now a beautiful, talented young lady is GONE and this fu---- creep is now at Bridgewater due to his mental status..OMG.

Scumbags have rights

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Because innocent people have rights, too. That way, they don't just grab people and scape goat them to look like they've done their job.

I suggest reading up on why our legal system gives us these rights - you might need to exercise them some day if you are falsely accused.

Hmm, same detective as the Glik case

The Herald is identifying the detective as Jerome Hall-Brewster, who was one of the three officers who arrested Simon Glik for filming them on the Boston Common.

So next time you're being mugged/stabbed/raped in Boston, tell them the attacker is also filming an officer. Maybe backup will arrive faster.

South Boston Murder

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Have to laugh at these South Boston Pols who show up at the Andrew Sq area for the photo ops saying how safe Andrew Sq is. No wonder they both lost
Shows you how much out of touch they are. Just check the transit and BPD records.
I take the T home every night and fear for my life.

Boston must reflect on its response patterns to crime

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Boston is so reactive. If the detective failed to follow through with an investigation, then is it fair to say he was unsupervised and that person should be reprimanded, as well?

People can continue to deny the race factor in the swift pursuit of justice, but it is a clear pattern when a caucasion woman is murdered, BPD launches a dragnet investigation. There have been many women of color murdered and those case go cold before the deceased. Shame on this City...nothing has changed. Every life lost should matter.

So you haven't followed this story

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There's no dragnet here. The person people think did it tried it again, injured his victim, failed, then went to the same hospital where the second, alive victim was being treated, which allowed for a "that's the guy" ID.

As for you racist tint-
In the earlier attack in Mission Hill, it looks like the BPD didn't care about that white woman.
In the other murder cited in Southie, it was citizens, not the police, who tracked the perp down (white on white in that case)

So, unless you are saying that the police don't care about anyone or that communities should track down killers rather than shielding them, you're a bit off.