BPL to begin loaning out iPads in May

Mayor Menino announced the new program - in which iPads will come "preloaded with bestselling books and apps to connect them with job searching, social media, and language-learning tools" - in a speech today before the Boston Municipal Research Bureau.

Menino also pledged to have 30,000 new housing units built in Boston by 2020 - and that not all of them would be luxury apartments in downtown high rises.

Also announced: New tennis courts and other fields at Millennium Park in West Roxbury and a new committee to look at ways to improve the quality of Boston schools now that BPS is switching to a new assignment system for elementary and middle-school students.



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The transients at Copley will loan them out and pawn them off.

Hey Mumbels

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W. Rox doesn't need more Tennis Courts, we have 5 at Billings field that hardly get used. Built a Street Hockey Court you slob! Kids in W. Rox don't play tennis, or how about a Football field?

The Fields

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are primarily use by W. Roxbury residents. The location as a whole; your right people to travel to uses the park, canoe drop, trails and playrounds.

What would be used more, tennis courts or a street hockey rink. Being a local i would say the later!