Bqhatevwr happens, and according to Scott Brown it can happen involuntarily in your pants


A month after former U.S. Senator Scott Brown sent out a series of odd tweets from his official social media account, the Fox News commentator finally addressed questions behind a jumbled message—and he blamed it on accidental “pocket tweeting.”

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Typical Scott Brown. He intemperately snarked at twitter then pretended he didn't. Personal responsibility woulda made it less hilarious.



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Butt Tweeting

Um, won't go there. I won't mention butt and swype together, either. Nope.

OT: Has anyone else ever been buttdialed only to wind up with a small child talking to the rear pants pocket on the other end?

Not that it's a big deal

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But I’d like to point out that unless he was wearing his metalic hammertime pajama pants, his excuse doesn’t fly and is demonstratable false. iPhones use a Capacitive Sensor Touchscreen that doesn’t work when brushing up against objects that aren’t conductive. Anyone who’s tried using their phone with gloves on knows that you can’t input anything, let alone spell out a drunken tweet.

Plus, hasn’t there been stories of Brown hanging out at local watering holes and having quite a few brews? NTTAWWT, but why demonstrably lie about something like that? He’s not claiming were all lightweights, is he?

Whats next, challanging us to a beer bong contest?

way back when.....

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He was a big supporter of metco as a state Senator - does that make him any less of an evil nazi bastard?